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Modern Warfare 3 Operators in Rio map

MW3 devs sneakily reveal another classic CoD AR coming soon

Liam Mackay

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Reloaded has been announced and alongside highlighting all the new content, the devs sneakily showed off the return of a classic Call of Duty Assault Rifle.

Ranked Play finally arrives in Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Reloaded but that’s not all as there’s another The Boys collaboration, new weapons, and modes.

After Season 1 Reloaded comes Season 2 and while details are sparse at the moment, it appears the devs have already shown off one of the new weapons we can expect.

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F2000 coming to Modern Warfare 3

The blog post for S1 Reloaded features images of the new Ranked Play mode and we can clearly see that the F2000 Assault Rifle is being held by a Ranked Play Operator. This classic AR was first introduced in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 and then returned in Vanguard as the BP50, but isn’t part of Modern Warfare 3’s arsenal.


The F2000 was last seen in Vanguard.

The F2000 hasn’t been announced yet but it doesn’t seem to be a mistake either. After a Reddit user pointed it out, the developers replied “Shhh…” with the side eyes emoji. There’s a slim chance it’ll arrive during Season 1 Reloaded but February’s Season 2 is the most likely time.

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Players spotted that it’s “the exact same model as the one in Vanguard” so will likely be called the BP50 again, as none of the classic weapons have maintained their official names. The ACR became the MCW in Modern Warfare 3, for example.

It wasn’t the most powerful weapon in Vanguard as its high recoil made it difficult to control, but perhaps the devs will have made some changes to keep it under control and let it be a powerful choice in both multiplayer and Warzone.

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Alongside this F2000, leaks claim that weapons from Advanced Warfare are coming to the game as well as a sword and bow, but the timeframe isn’t clear.

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