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An image showing the three skins in the Fortnite Community Choice.

Fortnite player calls for Item Shop voting to return but is shot down in flames

Amitesh Dhar

Fortnite players could vote for their favorite cosmetic so that it could be made available in the Item Shop, but the idea was soon abandoned. A player called on Epic Games to reintroduce the Community Choice but the idea was shot down pretty quickly.

Fortnite previously had a feature known as Community Choice. The idea behind this was simple; players could vote for one of three cosmetics. The cosmetics with the highest vote would be featured in the Item Shop.

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The feature was first introduced in September 2019 and was soon replaced by a survey. The said survey contained more cosmetics and included skins that were a part of collaborations as well.

A player named Poisonmaker posted on Reddit saying that the developers should consider bringing back the Community Choice. This would allow players to control a certain part of the Fortnite Item Shop by voting for their favorite skin.

Players say voting for Fortnite Item Shop cosmetics is a bad idea

Other players, however, shot down this idea pretty quickly. According to them, allowing the community to vote on the skins in the Fortnite Item Shop was a bad idea. They further mentioned that the problem with the idea was demonstrated very well with the Minecraft mob vote outrage.

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Before an update, Mojang lets the community vote on their favorite mob but it often causes discourse in the Minecraft community. The winning mob makes it to the game whereas the others don’t, even if they’re good ones. That wasn’t exactly the case with the Community Choice skins. The ones that lost made it to the Fortnite Item Shop but were delayed.

The players elaborated on their stance by saying that letting players vote on something and then completely scrapping or delaying the other options was a bad idea. Others chimed in by saying that there was a lot of toxicity around these votes within the Fortnite community as well.

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For example, on November 26, 2019, the skins Riley, Stingray, and Terns were nominated for the Community Choice. After the community voting period had ended, Riley made its way to the Fortnite Item Shop. This angered the community because Riley was a reskin, whereas the other two were very unique skins.

Others said that they hated the idea of voting for a skin so that it came to the Fortnite Item Shop because it delayed the skins that didn’t win. According to them, the developers should add all skins to the in-game store and let the players buy what they want, which is the current practice.

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