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Diablo 4 players desperate for a reason to replay the campaign

Souhardya Choudhury

It’s no secret that plenty of players love the Diablo 4 campaign, and many of them would like to have a go at it again. However, the absence of a certain feature has made a lot of the players unhappy.

Diablo 4 Season 2 is steadily reaching its conclusion as January 23 marks the arrival of the next seasonal update. Amidst several discussions about the next season’s theme, and the anticipation of an upcoming Campfire Chat, players have been discussing features they’d like to see introduced.

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Many Diablo 4 players want a reason to replay the main campaign from the beginning, and they do not want to do that with a new character at the beginning of each season. They claim that they would like a replay mode with a higher difficulty in Diablo 4.

Reddit user ‘v0id_main’ said, “Really wish I could replay the campaign at a higher difficulty.” The OP even suggested that Diablo 4 could follow the steps of Warhammer: Vermintide 2, where players could replay missions at higher difficulties.

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Many others agreed with the OP, as main said they would love to replay the main campaign with their max-level characters at a higher difficulty in Diablo 4. “I would love to rerun the campaign at higher tiers with my higher-level characters,” said one of the players.

Some players also brought up the implementation of a World Tier 5, as they claimed how they “would be pretty stoked if that’s what they [the devs] added.” Others expanded on this idea, as they explained how they would like “extra replayable missions” in the World Tier 5 campaign.

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“100% yes,” added one of the players. “They should add an amped-up version of the campaign that has rewards that are good enough,” they continued. Others mentioned how they wanted “a reward-based difficulty” if they could replay the campaign with their character.

Although Blizzard are yet to address this community request, the devs have been quite active with feedback in Season 2. So, players can expect some sort of change regarding the main campaign of Diablo 4 in the upcoming seasons.

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