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Igglybuff in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to get Baby Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

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The Pokemon universe is packed with fearsome and very powerful creatures but also hides some small and cute ones among its lines. Baby Pokemon are pre-evolutions of some fan favorites, and they have been in the games for a long time, so here’s how to get them in Scarlet and Violet.

The Pokemon universe, in its own way, tries to resemble what nature is like in the real world, inside its vast fantasy world. People and Pokemon get along, humans fish and eat Pokemon like Magikarp, and Pokemon lay eggs to continue the line of each species.

When a Pokemon higher in the Evolution line lays an egg, the first in line is the one that comes out of it, and some of those are called Baby Pokemon. Introduced back in Gen 2, one of the most iconic babies of the Pokemon franchise is Togepi, and this Baby isn’t present in Scarlet and Violet, nor its DLC.

What about the rest of the Baby Pokemon? Well, here’s how to get all Baby Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, including the ones that can only be caught in The Teal Mask or The Indigo Disk DLC.

How to get Baby Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

To get Baby Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, players need to breed two Pokemon from the same Egg Group that have a Baby pre-evolution. In some cases, these Baby Pokemon can also be caught in the wilds of Paldea, Kitakami Island, or Blueberry Academy.

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Riolu is Lucario’s pre-evolution and one of the Baby Pokemon introduced in Gen 4.

A noteworthy change that came with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is one that involves breeding the Baby Pokemon. In past games, players would need the Incense items to get, for example, an Azurill out of a breed of two Marills or Azumarills, but this is no longer necessary in S&V.

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This means that every pair of Pokemon from the same Egg group that has a Baby Evolution will 100% breed it from the pair’s eggs. Players can now go back to using the Destiny Knot and Everstone items to perfectly breed a Baby Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All Baby Pokemon available

Here are all the Baby Pokemon available (and not available) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, including the ones found in the Kitakami Island and the Blueberry Academy:

How to get Hoenn Baby Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

Hoenn Baby Pokemon include Azurill, Marill’s Normal/Fairy-type pre-evolution, and Wynaut, Wobbuffet’s Psychic Baby.

Azurill can be found in the South Province (Area One, Two, Five), and East Province (Area One) of Paldea. Contrary to this, Wynaut joins Togepi and other Baby Pokemon in the list of Pokemon not available in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, nor via trading with the Pokemon HOME app from past games.

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