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A nightmare rogue in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players claim classic feature is major “downgrade” from D3

Emily Stander

With the success of Diablo 3 and the subsequent popularity of Diablo 4, more players feel that Blizzard have not learned lessons about what worked from Diablo 4’s predecessor.  

Specifically, Diablo 4 players are getting frustrated with the game’s UI. Years ago, during Diablo 3’s peak, Blizzard was talking about how they had made changes to the UI to make the game a more comfortable experience for players. Now, though, fans feel that they did not learn anything from the changes or mistakes Blizzard made back then. 

Issues range from many buffs and debuffs not being displayed correctly to the limited amount of space the log is given to see all of the effects

‘Fearish’ posted on Reddit about the issue. “I think it’s not acceptable for the buff and debuff part of the UI to be in its current state,” they said. “Especially when Blizzard themselves gave a talk about it on how they improved on it years ago.”

Diablo 4 fans seemed to agree with this sentiment. The feeling from fans is that Diablo 4, being a live service game, can have these issues fixed now. This would be better, according to players, instead of waiting for a fix the next Season or big patch.

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“The game is serviceable right now. I had a good time with Season 2 overall. But it feels kind of… I don’t know, it feels off to know that a lot of the big fixes won’t be coming until at least season 4,” a player commented on the thread. 

The conversation turned to the same issue players have been speaking about for a while where they claim Diablo 4 isn’t really a Diablo game and just uses the trusted name to get people to play it. Players are mainly confused by how the game feels like a downgrade from Diablo 3 when devs had so many years of experience with the title. 

This echoed in a simple issue a player mentioned on console: “If you’re playing console you have no f***g clue how to tell what buffs and combos and icons are down there,” they explained. 

While Diablo 4 is currently suffering from success, players have made it clear that there are issues they need fixed to stay interested in the game. We will keep you updated on any changes made in future. 

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