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Destiny 2 Gunsmith vendor Banshee-44

Destiny 2 players furious as Bungie makes “stingy” Engram drop rate even worse

Emily Stander

Destiny 2 released a patch on January 9 that made significant changes, and players are pretty furious that Bungie made the Engram drop rate even worse than before.  

Gunsmith Focusing engrams in Destiny 2 are a feature that was introduced with Season 23. Banshee-44, beloved weapons merchant to all, started offering Legendary Engram focusing from different vendors of older seasons

One of the keys to Legendary Engram Focusing is earning Gunsmith Engrams. These are random drops that can be unlocked through looting world chests, ranking up your Gunsmith reputation, and Lost Sector completions. 

A main complaint that Destiny 2 players have had for a while is that Engram world drops have been few and far between, making the challenges they need to complete near-impossible in some cases. 

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Despite this complaint, in the latest patch, Bungie changed the way Gunsmith Engrams drop. In the Dreaming City, the drop rate for Gunsmith Engrams from Awoken faction chests has been decreased. Given that you need three Gunsmith Engrams at a time to get the Legendary Engram Focusing from Banshee-44, this change did not sit well with players. 

“I find it funny that everyone has been complaining about Focusing costs and Engram drop frequency for weeks, so Bungie nerfs the Gunsmith Engram drop rate which honestly wasn’t an issue,” Redditor ‘Zero_Emerald’ commented on a post sharing the latest patch notes. “Classic Bungie.”

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More players agreed that the change was frustrating. “I was opening a bunch of those chests for lair keys, it didn’t seem like the Gunsmith Engram drop was anywhere CLOSE to too high. Bungie gotta learn not to be so stingy in a looter-shooter,” a fan explained. 

Although Gunsmith weapons were never among the top Legendaries you could find, they still made for valuable loot. Especially for new players who are just entering the game, it seems fans feel that this change will make the grind unnecessarily tedious. 

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