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Best LoL Players 2024 – Top League of Legends Players going into the season

10. Malrang

Starting off with our list, we will find the only LEC player and that is Rogue’s Korean jungler Malrang. After leaving DWG Kia during the off-season, he joined Rogue to fill the shoes of arguably the best European jungler in 2021, Inspired. Contrary to expectations, Malrang actually delivered an insane level of consistency, helping RGE find a new dimension. With a much more supportive playstyle, Malrang is the “bridge” for his team, finding opportunities and helping his laners to reach their win condition. He might not be a super carry jungler like others, but you can clearly see his impact on the game every time he plays. For this reason, Malrang manages to get into our top 10 list.

9. Karsa

Next up we have yet another jungler, this time from the LPL. Despite being one of the biggest veterans in the competitive scene, Karsa showed that he’s still hungry to win and is in for his redemption arc. Following his departure from Top Esports, Karsa joined Victory Five who until this year used to be a bottom-tier team. Surprisingly, the team is performing extremely well and Karsa is one of the main elements of their success, thanks to his super flexible champion pool as well as his mechanics. While it is only spring, Karsa is proving that TOP made the wrong decision to let him go.

8. Rookie

If Victory Five is currently considered one of the best teams in the LPL right now, the other key player on the roster is Rookie. Leaving IG during the offseason, Victory Five convinced him to join the organization. While his past two seasons have not been great, the one-time World Champion is still one of the best mid laners in the world. What’s really special about Rookie is that he doesn’t really die often, making him a consistent threat to enemies in any fight he’s in. Rookie might not be a super carry anymore, but he has been so consistent on control mages throughout the season that you can still feel his impact.

Rookie Best LoL PlayersRookie Best LoL Players

Song “Rookie” Eui-jin

7. Canyon

While DK is not the top dog in the LCK anymore, Canyon is still one of the best junglers in the world. World Champion and World Finalist are achievements that only the elite deserve, as Canyon should be in talks with the legendary status of other Korean players.

His mechanics and in-game knowledge are way above the rest, as he and ShowMaker are the two cores that make DK a top-tier team in the LCK. If you watch one of DK’s games, you’ll easily see how influential Canyon’s contribution is to the matches. He might not have a super roster this season, but you can be sure Canyon will give his best to prove he’s one of the best LoL players in 2022.

6. Knight

Knight is probably the best Chinese mechanical mid laner in recent history. He’s still very young, yet people have been regarding him as top tier for years. Despite only a decent 5th place finish in Spring, Knight and TES have really stepped up during playoffs.

When it comes to playing mechanical mid laners that require the best executions, Knight is always one of the first you think of. He’s had insane win rates on Ahri, Ryze and Vex, with even more astonishing KDAs (11.5 on Ahri and 14.0 on Ryze). Now that Viktor has fallen off in priority, Knight can fully unleash his proactive playstyle and lead his team to victory.

5. Oner

Number 5 on our list is yet another jungler, but this will be the last one as well. Oner, just like almost every player on the T1 roster, has had a stellar start to their 2022 season. Despite having very little competitive experience in the LCK, Oner has already established himself as a top tier jungler.

He’s able to pilot many different champions, including the less popular ones like Poppy. Not to mention that the guy has an insane Lee Sin and Viego. What’s really impressive about Oner, however, is how he has reacted to the pressure of being a T1 starter. This is only the beginning for one of the biggest prospects of the new era in League, but we can be sure that Oner will achieve something in the near future.

top 10 lol players Onertop 10 lol players Oner

Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon

4. Chovy

Now that Chovy has left Hanwha Life Esports, he has finally found a team worthy of his level. He has no longer the need to 1v9, although Chovy will always put his mark in every match he plays. Gen.G Esports welcomed him with open hands, adding him to a roster that is good enough to constantly fight for the top of the LCK: Peanut and Ruler are players you can consistently rely on.

The Korean prodigy can now fully focus on being the dominant carry he used to be back in the Griffin days, showcasing his insane laning and skirmishing capabilities. If we’re talking about talent, he should’ve been the number 1, but we all know that talent is not enough to be the best in LoL…

3. Faker

Almost 10 years have passed since Faker’s debut and almost a decade later, he’s still here showing the world how good he is. He could’ve retired like many other players of his era, but his passion is what drives him forward, as well as the hunger for that 4th World title.

Now that T1 actually has put together a formidable roster this season, Faker will be the veteran and the leader to guide the new generation of players. He and his low-tempered behavior is the type of presence any organization would die to want.

While Faker might not be the very best, you can be sure that his attitude and leadership can elevate any team to a much higher level.

faker goat lckfaker goat lck

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok

2. Gumayusi

For people who might not know, Gumayusi is cousins with Faker. Despite having family connections with the GOAT of LoL, Gumayusi earned his spot on the starting roster with his own strength. His mechanics are inhuman: you should probably consider watching his streams or pro view. There are many instances where you can’t understand how he manages to do certain stuff.

Gumayusi has reached such high potential in such a short amount of time that people wonder whether he still has room for improvement. He has won basically against all the Korean ADCs in the League. Only the international stage might give him more challenging goals. With T1 going to MSI, Gumayusi will be put to the test to see whether if he’s World Champion material.

1. Keria

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see so many T1 players on the list after their perfect spring split. No one has ever achieved such a feat in the LCK, and the record might not be broken for many years to come. Out of all the players in that roster, however, Keria is head and shoulders above everyone else. Faker mentioned how most of the time Keria is the shotcaller on the team, constantly telling everyone what they should be doing. He’s the voice that’s guiding T1.

Aside from his shotcalling role, he’s also impeccable when it comes to execution. Keria has been impersonating MadLife with his Thresh hooks throughout the split and has been responsible for the playmaking. For this reason, Keria is not only the best support in the world but is currently the best player in LoL so far. Will he continue to shine? Only time will tell… but for now, Keria and T1 are without a doubt the team to fear the most for the upcoming MSI.

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