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Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Will there be a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo?

Nathan Warby

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth arrives in February to pick off where Remake left off, but will fans be able to try out the game before they commit to buying it? Here’s everything we know about whether a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo is on the cards.

There’s been plenty for Final Fantasy players to get excited about in recent years. Final Fantasy 16 was one of the most critically acclaimed games from last year and FF14 has continued to receive regular updates, with the Dawntrail expansion still to come.

Now, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is on the horizon and is set to be one of the biggest titles of 2024, continuing the story of Cloud and co. But will there be a demo to let newcomers try out the sequel to 2020’s Remake before they buy?

Here’s everything we know about a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo.

Is there a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo?

Square Enix are yet to announce if a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo is being released, but it is more likely to happen than not. This is based on the developer’s track record when it comes to major releases in their flagship RPG series.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake received a playable demo, as well as the last two mainline entries – Final Fantasy 15 and 16. With this in mind, we expect a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo to arrive on the PlayStation Store shortly before its February 29 release date.

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Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth reimagines the second disc from the 1997 classic.

It remains to be seen what a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo would look like, but it would likely be a small slice taken from early on in the game. For example, the Remake demo showed off the iconic Mako Reactor 1 assault, the first mission that introduces Cloud and the rest of Avalanche.

The sequel picks up immediately after the events in Midgar where the game opens up, so the trial could let players experience the larger maps and explorable areas.

However, this is all just speculation until Square Enix officially confirms that a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo is on the way. We’ll be sure to update this page with more details as soon as they’re revealed.

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