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Street Fighter 6 Spy X Family Collab Coming in Winter

Street Fighter 6 has been the biggest fighting game of 2023 and that’s attracted a lot of crossovers to the new Capcom fighter. There’s been quite a few different collabs in the game’s early weeks but the latest is launching in a much bigger way. Capcom has this weekend shown off the latest, a Street Fighter 6 Spy X Family collab. It launches with some impressive original animation, and now more.

Since December, we’ve been waiting for more news on Street Fighters’ latest crossover. After getting an initial animated teaser, things were quiet for a while. We now know quite a bit more about what’s coming with the new Street Fighter Spy X Family collab! There are in-game items available now to celebrate this latest crossover.

Spy X Family Street Fighter 6Spy X Family Street Fighter 6

Source: @StreetFighter

New Street Fighter Spy X Family Items Arrive

The latest Street Fighter 6 crossover began with a big animated trailer, but what content itself is in the game? Capcom has just provided an update with a few interesting new items. These are new avatar creator codes which are going to let you create avatars in-game. Players can use one of two avatar codes. Each reflects the protagonists of the new film Spy X Family Code White. These are the codes Capcom has created for the movie.

These two avatar items are available for free! Anyone with the game can use them, just like past Avatar SF 6 crossovers. However, there are other items too. Players can get stickers, frames, and titles across the event to unlock things. These are alongside the Capcom Cup cosmetics being released right now too.

Spy X Family Street Fighter 6Spy X Family Street Fighter 6

Source: @StreetFighter

Street Fighter 6 Animation

This weekend online Capcom shared something a bit extra. To promote the latest SF 6 collaboration, they’ve produced a short animation clip. It features Chun Li fighting with the female lead of Spy X Family, in a particularly well-animated scene. Both characters get to show off their signature fighting style. Fans of both series have been wowed by the high quality of the clip. Plus, the fun of seeing these two interact.

Street Fighter 6 Spy X FamilyStreet Fighter 6 Spy X Family

Source: PlayStation, YouTubeThis new crossover is to celebrate the release of Spy X Family Code White, a new movie spin-off coming to the popular manga and anime franchise.

This animation clip is more elaborate than what we’ve seen before though, so this could even mean we’re getting more of the characters interacting. While Yor was the focus of this short clip, we’re sure to see the other two major characters of the anime represented in the collab too.

Street Fighter 6 Spy X FamilyStreet Fighter 6 Spy X Family

Source: PlayStation, YouTube

The Street Fighter 6 Spy X Family collab will be an exciting event when it hits the game. We can expect to learn more in the upcoming patch. We’ll see the Street Fighter 6 patch notes updated soon with some new skins and cosmetics added from this crossover.

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