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Starfield character on the moon

Starfield players roast devs for “massive oversight” on planets with no atmosphere

Souhardya Choudhury

Even though Starfield is an enormous game with thousands of intricately designed planets and moons, many players have been finding several misplaced objects in the game, just like wind turbines on a planet with no atmosphere.

Although Starfield is arguably the biggest Bethesda game to date, many players have been complaining about the game’s overall design and quests recently. However, there has always been a rally of occurrences in the RPG that many players find funny, just like the character glitches during launch.

One of the players has discovered mysterious wind turbines on a random planet with no atmosphere in Starfield. This has been the subject of discussion in the community as many players share their own experiences that match this scenario in Starfield.

Reddit user ‘Scuba_2’ shared a picture that shows wind turbines on a planet, as they satirically said: “Ah yes, wind turbines, on a planet with no atmosphere.” Many players commented on the post as they shared their experiences in the game.

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“Makes as much sense as getting frostbite on a planet with a temp over 400 degrees,” said one of the players. Previously, many players complained about the climate changes and status effects on various planets, and it seems like the issue is yet to be fixed in Starfield.

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Some players added how they witnessed “a base overtaken by overgrown vegetation” on a planet with no atmosphere, twice. Others found “food just lying about” on such planets, claiming that there was no way to eat them logically without opening the space helmets.

The sarcasm did not stop there as some players drew indirect shots at the devs as they added how Bethesda are “a small indie studio” and others should not expect them to take care of such details. Others satirically mentioned how the devs “only got a decade” to finish the game.

So that is all there is going on about random misplaced objects in Starfield in the community. Even though Bethesda have made sure to intricately look after most details in the game, players are still finding certain shortcomings and bugs even after months since launch.

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