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Enver Gortash in Baldur

Baldur’s Gate 3 player shocked by “honest” end to Gortash deal

Emily Stander

Baldur’s Gate 3 gives players some big decisions about how to end the game, and one was shocked to find out how the deal with Gortash ends if you follow through with it. 

Baldur’s Gate 3’s ending is one to remember, because whoever you decide to partner up with for the final battle, you will have some very difficult choices to make. 

One of these choices is to work with Enver Gortash – one of the Absolute’s chosen (and Karlach’s mortal enemy). When you meet him for the first time face-to-face, he proposes a deal to you. If you bring him Orin’s netherstone, he promises that his Steel Watch will not harm the party and can move freely throughout the city. After everything is over, he plans to rule Baldur’s Gate with you. 

What you may not know, is that whether or not you pass the near-impossible check at the end of the game, Gortash will let his ambition take over and succumb to the Netherbrain. A player found this out, and very much to their shock. 

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“But did anyone else get shocked by how he dies?” ‘theblazingkoala’ posted on Reddit. “I can’t tell if I would consider that anticlimactic or not but the brain just emptying his skull like that through me for a loop I wasn’t expecting. I was as surprised as my Tav lmaoo.”

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Gortash was not the most savory character in Baldur’s Gate 3, but fans thoroughly did not expect to see his death come in such a brutal way. The other thing that surprised players, though, is that there was no twist in the deal you make with him. 

“I was shocked more by the fact that there was no twist. I 100% expected Gortash to f**k me over in the end and he kinda ends up trying to save me even,” a fan commented on the post. 

They could appreciate that, despite all of his obvious flaws, there was something to appreciate about the Archduke – his honesty. As another player said, “Dude is a sadistic tyrant, but he is an honest sadistic tyrant.”

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