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Aether Gazer Crepuscular Cloudsong

Aether Gazer brings the Crepuscular Cloudsong update with new storylines, characters, and more

The widely praised action RPG Aether Gazer has introduced a substantial update: the Crepuscular Cloudsong event. This recent addition brings new content to the game’s main storyline through Chapter 13 and commemorates the Xu Heng Celebration. This update brings in three S-Grade Modifiers, two unique Modifier Outfits, and various enticing rewards for players. The event begins after the maintenance on January 9th and lasts until 11:00 PM (UTC-7) on February 19th, 2024.

Aether Gazer Crepuscular Cloudsong update features a limited-time event with various rewards

Following the recent update, gamers will encounter fresh gaming elements such as Anomaly Control and Perilous Chasm. Within these modes, individuals have the opportunity to employ Dispatch Modifiers to eliminate Visbanes, which pose a significant threat to Tian Lu Traders’ routes, and gain rewards for their contributions. The Tian Lu Vouchers acquired through Anomaly Control can be utilized at the Tian Lu Firm to acquire various items.

Moreover, Administrators have the chance to participate in the Xu Heng Celebration. Upon finishing any four event tasks, participants will be granted the S-Grade Modifier Tenblaze – Jinwu. Throughout the event’s duration, scanning activities offer the Butterfly on Plum Blossom, an item exchangeable for extra goods, and Drowsie-Oneiroi’s attire, known as The Nanke Dream.

Aether Gazer Crepuscular Cloudsong update introduces new modifiers

S-Grade Modifier: Untainted Heart – Lingguang

Lingguang serves as the Deputy of Nanjiao Isle at the prestigious Quad, where her expertise as a trained physician shines. She is the founder of Vermilion Wellness, a health establishment that operates alongside several other medical facilities on Nanjiao Isle. Her skill set is versatile, comprising three distinct forms for each ability she possesses.

The third form grants a protective “shield” to the entire team, increases damage dealt when health is above a certain threshold, and boosts damage when health falls below a specified level. These support capabilities allow her to adapt flexibly to the evolving conditions on the battlefield and the status of her teammates, enriching the tactical options available during combat.

S-Grade Modifier: Tenblaze – Jinwu

Born in Xu Heng, Jinwu has been an ardent disciple of the Astral Arcanum, studying under the tutelage of her master Xihe amidst the serene peaks of Nanjiao Isle since her early years. Her weapon of choice is an imposing greatsword, capable of disassembling into ten levitating blades.

Aether Gazer JinwuAether Gazer Jinwu
Image via Yostar Games

Upon landing a full sequence of ordinary attacks, Jinwu garners six marks. With the unleashing of her arcane might, she executes a series of relentless strikes upon her adversaries, inflicting substantial damage, and draws upon divine energy proportional to the accumulated marks in her possession.

S-Grade Modifier: Azure Lord – Mengzhang

Mengzhang, the Deputy of Yuyi Isle (also known as East Isle), was the final member to join the ranks of the Quad. His swordsmanship is distinguished by its dual forms; one stance embodies the attributes of wind, characterized by the ability to summon jade swords and execute movements with ethereal grace. When Mengzhang’s divine energy reaches its Maximum, he can unleash his third skill to switch to an alternate stance. In this form, his swordplay becomes markedly more aggressive, notably for its unpredictable and dynamic sword techniques.

Aether Gazer introduces new skill chains, sigils, and functors with the update

New Ultimate Skillchains

The Ultimate Skillchain continues to be a key gameplay mechanism in Aether Gazer. This update introduces three fresh Ultimate Skillchains:

  • Vermilion Sunrise: Untainted Heart – Lingguang & Tenblaze – Jinwu
  • Rustling Bamboo: Azure Lord – Mengzhang & Cleansing Wind – Enlil

New Sigils

Properly allocating Sigils can significantly enhance a character’s combat capabilities. Two new Sigils will be added in the upcoming update.

  • Immortal Blackbird: (3-set effects) Increases Max HP. When Mod has a Shield active, increases Crit. When the Mod grants a Shield to a teammate or to themself, increases the ATK of the Mod granted with the Shield, as well as their Normal Attack DMG. Effects from multiple Sigils do not stack.
  • Primordial Sun: (3-set effects) Increases Fire DMG. Also increases Non-DoT Crit DMG when a hit is landed with a Fire attack. 
  • Dragon of the Desolate Sea: (3-set effects) Increases Wind DMG. Increases Crit Rate for several seconds when a Thunder attack hits. This effect triggers only once every several seconds. Increases Non-DoT Thunder DMG when a Thunder attack hits. Increases Non-DoT Wind DMG when a Wind attack hits. 

New Functors

Accompanying the debut of new Modifiers, this update also introduces three additional functors. Equipping these functors can greatly enhance the damage efficiency of the Modifiers:

Aether Gazer Crepuscular Cloudsong HuangAether Gazer Crepuscular Cloudsong Huang
Image via Yostar Games
  • 5-Star Functor Otherworlder – Huang (Recommended Modifier: Untainted Heart – Lingguang)
  • 5-Star Functor Otherworlder – Bifang (Recommended Modifier: Tenblaze – Jinwu)
  • 5-Star Functor Otherworlder – Kui (Recommended Modifier: Azure Lord – Mengzhang)

Aether Gazer Crepuscular Cloudsong update brings new additions to the store

Following the update, individuals in administrative roles have the option to acquire a fresh, time-limited modifier attire named Puppet Master – Hades Lantern of Lethe from the store. Furthermore, three additional limited packs have been made accessible.

Moreover, upon accomplishing specific tasks, one can accumulate battle pass experience and corresponding rewards. Upon unlocking any Advanced Contract and advancing it to Lv. 30, there is an opportunity to pick and acquire a 5-star universal Functor. Additionally, the Co-op Shop has unveiled six new 5-star functions for selection and purchase at one’s convenience.

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