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MW3 players highlight attachments that are getting you killed

Aakash Regmi

Attachments are important in Call of Duty as they allow you to build a gun according to your playstyle, but MW3 players have pointed out that certain attachments are getting people killed for just using them. 

A significant portion of your playtime in any Call of Duty, if you’re after the meta, will be spent on the gunsmith menu, tinkering with all the attachments. Moreso in Modern Warfare 3 as it has an expansive list of weapons, which is shared with MW2.

It is easy to sink in hours trying to get the right loadout, but no matter what you’re trying, players think there is no place for certain attachments in MW3—Lasers. While they often tend to provide a good boost to some stats, like ADS, they’re also visible to enemies, and players think giving away your position isn’t worth the trade. 

Reddit user Karma_Doesnt_Matter made a post calling Lasers “that 500 foot lightsaber” and said using them is “getting you killed.”

Many seem to agree with it, “Yeah not a fan of lasers because of giving away positions.” One user jokes saying players who’re “dressed as a cat running around with akimbo SMGs with pink lasers a mile long,” are the ones complaining, “this guy is using hacks! He knows where I am all the time!!! This game loves cheaters!!”

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Another user said something similar, “Love when people yell in prox chat after I kill them while they’re aiming down sights with green lasers watching the door entrance.”

Some, however, said Lasers aren’t completely useless. One user pointed out the cases where it can be a good choice: “If you are building for ultra-close range combat or with full intention to rely on your reflexes and never pre-aim, lasers visible when ads are not really a problem.” Another user said, “The laser that has ads and sprint to fire speed and only visible in ads is nice in shipment but that’s about it.”

Modern Warfare has multiple Lasers with different amounts of visibility. Depending on your playstyle and build, revealing your position can still be a fair trade-off. However, sporting a visible laser and pre-aiming through corners isn’t really recommended. 

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