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Most Played League of Legends Champions in Pro Play [2024]

League of Legends offers one of the largest diversity in any video game when it comes to its champions. With more than 150 unique characters, it’s likely that you are able to find the one that matches your playstyle. But what were the most popular champions in professional play this year and why were they popular?

As the 2024 season is starting, we will be going over the 10 most played champions in the 2023 League competitive season.

Star Guardian AkaliStar Guardian Akali

Most Played League of Legends Champions in Season 13 – Final Update

First of all, let’s make a premise: the data gathered considers all the tournaments played during the 2023 competitive season, up until the date indicated in the title. The data will be updated once again before Worlds starts.

Tournaments played during the pre-season (like KeSpa cup or Demacia cup) are not taken into consideration. All data is provided by the data website Games of Legends.

10. Zeri (2029 games)

Even though she got repeatedly nerfed over the 2023 season, Zeri remained a protagonist in the ADC pool. She is in a good spot, especially when you need a strong late-game carry and the ADC pool is pinched.

9. Renekton (2105 games)

Renekton’s popularity spiked in the second half of the season as one of the best bruisers in the top lane. Aside from a strong early-mid game, the crocodile was a great blind pick for most teams when they needed a beefy frontline.

8. Aphelios (2176 games)

The number 8 on the list is Aphelios. The ADC surged in popularity over the past few months, especially after bully champions like Lucian and Varus dropped out of the meta. While he’s hard to play, Aphelios is a comfort pick that strong players default to when the power picks are taken off the board.

7. Wukong (2178 games)

After being the most-picked champion last season, Wukong left the throne and was relegated to seventh place. The repeated nerfs to his jungle clear and overall early-game power slowly pushed him out of the meta and teams now prefer other picks to have a strong presence in the first minutes of the game.

Regardless of that, he’s occasionally picked whenever you need strong engage and good teamfighting. And moreover, he’s one of the few jungle champions that actually deals enough damage if given the resources.

6. Maokai (2216 games)

Maokai has been the most loved AP jungler in 2023. Not only does he offer a fair amount of reliable engage and crowd control but he can go both AP and tank, depending on what role he has to fulfill within the team comp. It’s not surprising that he was the champion with the highest presence rate throughout the year (69%).

5. Rakan (2369 games)

Rakan made a swift return to the professional after some major buffs at the start of the season. And while he got nerfed a few times in the following patches, he has been a complete and versatile pick that teams tend to rely on. Since he offers both engage and disengage tools, and works well with most ADCs in the meta, it’s not surprising that he’ll continue to be a popular pick in the next months.

4. Nautilus (2481 games)

Nautilus is one of those consistent and reliable picks in the support role. Regardless of the meta and what ADCs are strongest, he always manages to find a spot and get a few picks and bans here and there.

Despite sub-50 percent win rate, teams are still willing to pick him due to the engages and pick potential he offers. Not to mention he has good 2v2 skirmishing power as well, making him a comfort pick for most players.

3. Xayah (2541 games)

Xayah is the next on our list. The marksman rose up the ranks once again with the consistent presence of hard-engage champions. As a natural counter and having the ability to dodge those abilities with her ultimate, it’s inevitable she is a popular champion among all levels of competition.

Moreover, Rakan is also a strong pick so the two are usually picked in tandem or happen to be banned or taken away to break the synergy. as a result, Xayah managed to maintain the title as the most-picked ADC.

2. K’Sante (2492 games)

Better to fight, than to live in fear. And K’Sante is a champion that wants to fight or one that teams enjoy fighting with. Despite being nerfed left and right and more than a few times, K’Sante was still among the most.picked champions in the competitive scene.

The tankiness he offers, paired with the damage and scaling he gets over the course of a game, makes him the ideal weakside tank to give to top laners to absorb pressure. And as long as players are mechanically proficient at it, K’Sante will always have a spot among pros.

In one way or the other, the champion is similar to Ryze: difficult and too hard to play for the majority of champions, but incredibly powerful in the right hands. And unless Riot finds a way to tweak or adjust him, K’Sante will continue to be a valuable pick in competitive going into 2024.

1. Sejuani (2489 games)

sejuani is the most picked champion in lol pro playsejuani is the most picked champion in lol pro play

Image Credit: Riot Games

By just 16 games, Sejuani was able to surpass K’Sante as the most-picked champion throughout season 13. With a total of 2750 games, the jungler has been a popular pick worldwide thanks to her engage potential and amount of crowd controls.

Her friendly kit and great teamfighting potential have made her a reliable pick for teams that wanted to play around skirmishes around objectives. While it’s unclear whether she will maintain the no.1 spot in 2024, Sejuani should be a comfort pick junglers will choose in the upcoming months.

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