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Football Soccer Matchday Manager 24 Game Guide Cover

Matchday Manager 24 Beginners Guide and Tips

Soccer – Matchday Manager 24 is a new Soccer Manager game that just like any other Soccer manager game, asks users to take leadership of the club, created by them. As you try to reach the top of the soccer management pyramid, you need to assemble a team of real-life soccer superstars, choose the strategies, and make match-winning substitutions. In this Soccer – Matchday Manager 24 Beginners Guide, we will do a detailed walkthrough on all the available in-game currencies, discuss various game modes, and share some valuable tips and tricks as you fight your way to the top of the league and try to win promotion.

Introducing the Game Modes

There are three primary game modes in Soccer – Matchday Manager 24, viz, League Matches, Cup Matches, and Friend Matches. Let us discuss them in detail in our Soccer – Matchday Manager 24 Beginners Guide.

1. League Mode

As the name suggests, users will compete with other players belonging to the same League tier, as per their rating. You can play League games any time when you are ready, i.e., you do not have to adhere to any fixed schedule.

Soccer Matchday Manager 24 League MatchSoccer Matchday Manager 24 League Match
Image via Playsport Games

Each League Mode game played, earns users Points, Experience Points, and a certain number of fans, based on your Team’s performance in that game. The Top 4 teams from your League would be eligible for a Playoff spot. The Playoffs result would be the determining factor to decide your promotion up the Tiers.

2. Cup Mode

Cups are where the teams earn the biggest rewards and gain the most reputation. In the Cup Mode, users need to compete against other users online, based on their Leaderboard Rankings in a Tournament format. 5 cup events are running live in the game each day. They are:

  • The Cup
  • Super Cup
  • Champions Cup
  • World Club Cup
  • Super League Cup

While most of these Cup events are open to all, the World Club Cup is an exclusive competition for the top 64 teams on the World Ranking Leaderboards. This event runs once in 28 days since the Leaderboards shuffle after every 28 days.

Soccer Matchday Manager 24 The CupSoccer Matchday Manager 24 The Cup
Image via Playsport Games

Entry to all these Cup Events is free, barring the Super League Cup where users need to spend 1 in-game Ticket for a one-time entry. A Ticket can be earned in-game, by finishing in the top 4 of the Super League. Users can earn loads of in-game currencies including Gold, Cash, and Experience Points from these Cup Events even if they are knocked out from the initial stages of the Tournament.

3. Friend Mode

The Friend Mode is where you can take on your friends online, in a 1v1 encounter. To play a Friend Match, you need to Invite your Friends to accept your Friend Request. Once they are added to your Friend List, you can take on them when both of you are online.

Soccer Matchday Manager 24 Play With FriendsSoccer Matchday Manager 24 Play With Friends
Image via Playsport Games

Rewards in the form of Daily Packs, Daily Pro Packs, and Gold can be obtained by playing Friend Matches. While 40 Gold currencies can be earned when you play this mode for the first time, 15 Gold currencies are rewarded for every Invite Request that your friends accept.

Resource Management

Regarding resources, we have Gold and Cash as the basic in-game currencies. All in-game spending has to be made with these two currency systems.

In-game CurrenciesUtility
GoldCan be exchanged with Basic, Premium, and Champion Player Packs
Cash1. Improving squad players
2. Upgrading your Stadium

Apart from these in-game currencies that can be exchanged for various items from the store, the game provides users some additional resources that can earn them Player Packs and Wild Card Entries to special game modes. Let us understand them now.

In-game ResourcesUtility
Experience PointsExperience Points are earned by players with each game that they play. These Points allow you to level up in your Career Road upon accumulating the said number of Experience Points.
TicketsAllow a one-time entry access to the Super League Cup Event.
Player Packs(Basic, Premium, and Champion Packs)Basic– 3 Player Cards with a guaranteed Good Player and chances of earning a maximum of 1 great player.
Premium- 3 Player Cards with a guaranteed Good Rare Player Card and chances of earning a maximum of 1 Rare Player Card of Order 3.
Champion– 3 Player Cards with two guaranteed Rare Player Cards of Order 3.

Note: The Player Cards that you receive from these Player Packs might be either a new Player Card or an upgrade to the existing Player Cards that you own.

Soccer – Matchday Manager 24 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here’s a bonus section in our guide that would help Beginners quickly assemble their lineup and know what tactics they have to opt to take their game to the next level in Soccer – Matchday Manager 24. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

1. Start by building your Stadium

The first and foremost area that you must concentrate on, as a Beginner is your Stadium Development. With each update, the seating capacity of your Stadium increases. This, in turn, leads to more and more fans turning up in your games adding a boost to the commercials (income) of your stadium.

Image via Playsport Games

This would reward you with in-game bonus rewards at the end of each game. Hence, make sure to upgrade your stadium as many times as possible during the initial days of your journey with this game. Upgrading your stadium requires investment in the form of in-game Cash currency.

The next interesting area that calls for a calculative approach is the Sponsorship Deals. You can sign deals with a new Sponsor for every 5 matches. However, you need to see which deal would be more beneficiary for you with respect to both the Upfront rewards as well as the Potential Rewards.

Even if the cumulative cash reward is higher in the case of a Sponsorship Deal, it is a risky choice to go with that initially if it doesn’t have any Upfront Rewards in the clause. This is because the Potential Rewards are given out subject to the completion of certain targets. While the Primary Targets are easily achievable by just playing League Games, achieving the Secondary Targets can be a tad challenging especially in your initial days.

Matchday Soccer Manager Sponsorship DealsMatchday Soccer Manager Sponsorship Deals
Image via Playsport Games

Hence, if a Sponsorship deal Rewards you with say, 2,000 cash up front, and 2,000 Cash as Potential Rewards and another Sponsorship deal rewards you with 0 cash upfront and 5,000 Cash as Potential Rewards, it is better to play safe and go for the Former Deal. This is because it secures you a minimum of 3,000 in-game Cash Rewards (2,000 Upfront and 1,000 from Primary Targets) as opposed to guaranteed 2,000 in-game Cash Rewards from the Primary Targets in the later deal.

3. Resource Management

Another important aspect where users need to be calculative is while using their Resources. Well, the good part is, that most of the in-game activities including Player and Stadium Upgrade can be done using Cash. So there is not much that users need to worry about since the currency’s available aplenty.

However, the Gold currency is hard to come by. To be honest, you will get decent enough Player Cards from the Daily Packs. So you do not need to spend on Player Packs which can be exchanged only with Gold currencies. Initially, only use your Gold currencies to Train your Players for a level up. Once you have ample resources, take a calculative approach while going for the Player Packs.

Say, for instance, you have collected 150 Gold Currencies. If you spend them all on a Premium Player Pack, you will earn 1 Rare Player card of Order III. Hence, do not spend them all at one go in a quest to go for a Premium Player Pack as that would be an under-utilization of your resource.

Save your Gold currencies till you have enough currencies to go for the Champion Pack which guarantees two Rare Player Cards of Order III. By the time you collect another 250 Gold currencies, you will have guaranteed 4 Rare Player Cards of Order III in contrast to 3 Rare Player Cards of Order III if you had gone for the Premium Pack.

Additionally, players must refrain from purchasing Kits, Logos, and Cash with their Gold Currencies as that would be a complete waste of their available resources. Cash currencies are easily available in the game and new Kits and Crests can be unlocked as you level up. It’s better to grind than to go bankrupt.

4. Upgrade your Players whenever possible

An upgraded version of your Player cards can be obtained either from Player Packs or by Training your Players. Training requires spending in-game currencies. While the Rare Player Cards consume Gold currencies for leveling up, the other Player Cards can be trained using Cash Currency.

Soccer Matchday Manager 24 Player TrainingSoccer Matchday Manager 24 Player Training
Image via Playsport Games

Whenever an Upgrade is available for any of your Player Cards, make sure to upgrade them using the asked amount of Cash Currencies. This would give the much-needed boost to their stats, impacting their overall in-game performance.

5. Start by playing the League Mode

Contrary to the League Mode, the Cup Mode is much more Competitive. Hence as a Beginner, you must look forward to settling down first. Play a few League Mode Matches and study what Playstyle, Formation, and Tactics suit your Players. Once you get a hang of things, then go for the Competitive Mode.

6. Utilize the Cohesion Arrows of your Players

To get the most out of your team, you must utilize the Cohesion Arrows of your Players. To ensure maximum Cohesion value, you must pay attention to three factors:

  • Your Player is Match Fit (Tap on your Player Card to find out).
  • The Player Card is not out of Position ( There will be a red boundary on the card if it is so).
  • You are playing the right formation that suits your squad (Switch formations to see where you are getting the maximum Cohesion value).
Soccer Matchday Manager 24 SquadSoccer Matchday Manager 24 Squad
Image via Playsport Games

You can always switch back to your preferred formation once you have the right players in your Squad. The more the Cohesion value of your squad, the better they perform in the matches. As simple as that.

7. Switch to All Out Attack or Ultra-Defensive Mode Based on the Game Situation

Matchday Soccer Manager Team StrategyMatchday Soccer Manager Team Strategy
Image via Playsport Games
  • If the match situation is such that, you are more than 60 minutes into the second half and the scoring hasn’t opened yet, switch to All Out Attack for 15 seconds. This would increase your chances of scoring and at the same time your Defense line will be exposed. Hence, see how competitive your opponent is before taking the risk. You can check the opponent’s Cohesion and Stat value for an estimate of how competitive he is going to be.
  • If the match situation is such that you are 2-0 or 3-0 down in the first half itself, switch to Ultra-Defensive Mode for the next 15 seconds so that you do not concede any more before stoppage time.

8. Perform Substitutions at Crucial Moments

Performing Substitutions not only helps you change the game but also ensures that your Players are Match Fit for the next League/Cup Game. Hence, if you see that your Attackers are not able to score or your Midfield line players are giving away possession, make sure to substitute them not just for a better result, but also to keep them Match Fit for the next game.

9. Team Talks are equally important

Just as it is the job of Managers to give pep talks during half-time to boost the team morale, in a similar fashion you would be asked to give team talks/instructions to your players at the halfway mark. Do not skip this section as it is a detrimental factor to your team’s performance in the next half.

Team TalkTeam Talk
Image via Playsport Games

You need to select which position you want to address. Say, if you feel that your Defense Line is not doing their job properly and are not able to make those intercepts, you can deliver a talk addressing them. This would boost their morale which would directly impact their game performance.

10. Do Not miss out on the Time-Limited Events

The Soccer Manager franchise does bring up special time-limited events, especially during the festive season. These events let users earn loads of in-game resources including Cash Currencies, Player Packs, and most importantly the elusive Gold currencies, upon completing each milestone. The milestones set are pretty easily achievable, to be honest. Hence, make sure to participate in such events once they go live so as not to miss out on these freebies.

11. Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Make sure to log in each day so as not to miss out on the Daily Login and Daily Lucky Shot Rewards. Try going for the Gold Currency Reward from the Lucky Shot section.
  • Open the Daily Free Pack every day without fail. The game gives you the option to set a Reminder Notification as well so that you do not miss out on opening that.
  • Watch ads daily for free rewards in the form of Cash Currencies.

Final Thoughts

While the game is so good in many ways, it also seems heavily scripted at times. It seems as if the Developers want players to purchase Player Packs to win. The majority of goals are scored from impossible angles, most penalties are saved, defenders and goalkeepers frequently pass the ball around the back, attackers frequently have the ball in the back of the net before making a pointless pass that results in a turnover, and team ratings frequently seem to mean nothing.

Even though it’s challenging, does seem like a pay-to-win game at times. Having said that, Soccer – Matchday Manager 24 is a petty decent game to put your Managerial Skills to the test. If you face any issues in your journey with Soccer – Matchday Manager 24 Manager, you can always refer to this Soccer – Matchday Manager 24 Beginners Guide for quick assistance.

That’s all from us for the Soccer – Matchday Manager 24 Beginners Guide! Did you find our Soccer – Matchday Manager 24 beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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