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Best Sniper Rifles in Warzone: Every Season 1 Sniper Rifle ranked

Joseph Pascoulis

If you’re looking to dominate long ranges in Warzone, Sniper Rifles will be the best choice. So, here are all the Sniper Rifles in Warzone Season 1 ranked from best to worst, including a countdown for the best five picks.

Warzone Season 1 is fully underway offering players a ton of new content, including the introduction of the brand-new battle royale Urzikstan map, alongside fresh weaponry set to shake up the meta.

Sniper Rifles remain popular in Call of Duty titles, largely due to their ability to take down opponents at long ranges with just a few shots. This is particularly important on larger maps such as Urzikstan, but it can also prove advantageous on maps like Ashika Island and Vondel.

So, if you’re looking to carry the best Sniper Rifles in your Warzone matches, here’s a full breakdown of each Sniper available in the game.

Best Warzone Sniper Rifles ranked list

There are a total of 11 Sniper Rifles in Warzone. If you’re struggling to figure out which ones are the best, we’ve ranked all of Warzone Season 1’s Sniper Rifles from best to worst:

  2. MCPR-300
  3. Victus XMR
  4. FJX Imperium (Intervention)
  5. Signal 50
  6. KV Inhibitor
  7. XRK Stalker
  8. Longbow
  9. Carrack .300
  10. SP-X 80
  11. LA-B 330

Best Warzone Sniper Rifles

5. Signal 50

The Signal 50’s excellent fire rate makes it hard to ignore.

The Signal 50 is a great heavy Sniper option in Warzone. This weapon is known for its great fire rate, which can help you land your shots consistently.

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Despite having been ranked first in the previous iteration before the MW3 integration, it’s still incapable of finishing off enemies with a single shot.

4. FJX Imperium

FJX Imperium in WarzoneThe FJX Imperium makes its way to the best Snipers in Season 1, closely followed by MW2’s Signal 50.

The iconic Intervention, now called the FJX Imperium, has managed to maintain its position within the top as players in Season 1 continue to find it extremely useful for long distances.

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This powerful Sniper strikes the perfect balance between range and mobility. With the right combination of attachments, it has an ADS speed fast enough to cope at mid-range, allowing it to easily down enemies over long distances.

3. Victus XMR

Victus XMR sniper rifle in modern warfare 2Activision
Warzone’s Vicus XMR boasts impressive handling and range.

Despite not achieving a high top spot in the previous iteration of Warzone, the Victus XMR managed to position itself in third place due to its excellent mobility and comfort.

This Sniper has a great balance of handling and damage range. Usually, Snipers with long-range potential in Warzone tend to be on the slower side, but the Victus has great ADS speed for a weapon that can take down enemies from crazy ranges.

2. MCPR-300

MCPR 300 sniper rifle in modern warfare 2Activision
Warzone players who like heavy Snipers will enjoy using the MCPR-300.

Despite not being an unexplored weapon, MW2’s MCPR-300 remains a powerful Sniper pick within Warzone spot. During the previous iteration, this Sniper was a fan-favorite choice given its great performance for long-range combat.

Unfortunately, this gun needs Explosive rounds making it ideal for picking off enemies with a single headshot. However, it has excellent range and damage, capable of wiping out entire squads with a handful of well-placed shots.

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1. KATT-AMR – Best Sniper in Warzone

KATT-AMR in WarzoneActivision
The KATT-AMR has become the best Sniper Rifle in Warzone following MW3’s integration.

The KATT-AMR is the only MW3 Sniper Rifle capable of one-shot enemies in Warzone Season 1, making it the best Sniper in the game. Despite being considered a “slow, clunky” weapon, using the correct attachments, this Sniper becomes the most powerful choice to dominate long ranges.

This gun can be used right from the start of the game, no matter what level you are, boasting excellent damage, bullet velocity, and damage range. If you’re looking to easily take out enemies with only one shot at long ranges, this should definitely be your pick.

All in all, that’s a wrap on the best Sniper Rifles in Warzone Season 1. For more on Warzone, check out some of our other guides:

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