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Clash Royale Evolution Shards guide

A guide to Evolution Shards and Wild Shards

With Clash Royale introducing the Card Evolution update, a lot of new items made their entry into the game. Two of these key items are Evolution Shards and Wild Shards, which play a vital role in the Card Evolution process. While players may have questions about the evolution process, the main query remains about how to collect the cards. So in this article, we shall explain Evolution Shards and Wild Shards in Clash Royale along with the steps on how to get them.

Introduction to Evolution and Wild Shards

Evolution Shards are items required to forge Evolution Cards and bring unique Evolution abilities of cards to battle. To initiate the Card Evolution process, each Evolution shard collected needs to necessarily contribute towards unlocking the evolution for a particular card. Wild Shards, even though they serve the same purpose as Evolution shards, can be used for any card you need. They can be used together.

Shards in Clash RoyaleShards in Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

To unlock a card’s Evolution, players can gather a specific number of Evolution Shards that are unique to that particular card. Typically, six Evo or Wild Shards must complete the evolution process and unlock the card’s enhanced form. These shards are key to accessing the card’s full potential and granting it additional powers or abilities.

This might change in the future when the Card Evolution branches to high-tier cards. But for now, even the Valkyrie Evolution that arrived in the January 2024 Season 55 update was the first Rare Evolution, still for her six shards were the requirement.

Card Evolution system for shards

If players earn Evolution Shards for a fully Evolved Card that is below level 14, any extra Shards collected beyond the required amount will be converted into regular Cards for that specific unit type. The number of regular Cards received from the surplus Shards depends on the rarity of the Card. The card numbers are as follows.

  • Common: 1000 Cards
  • Rare: 250 Cards
  • Epic: 40 Cards
  • Legendary: 4 Cards
  • Champion: 4 Cards

In other words, once players have completed the Card Evolution for a particular Card and continue to collect additional Evolution Shards, instead of accumulating excess Shards that are no longer needed for further Evolutions, these surplus Shards are converted into regular Cards.

When players earn additional Evolution Shards for a Card that is already at level 14 or above, these surplus Shards undergo a conversion process. Instead of accumulating unused Shards, they are transformed into a specific number of Elite Wild Cards, determined by the rarity of the Card.

  • Common: 2000 Elite Wild Cards
  • Rare: 500 Elite Wild Cards
  • Epic: 80 Elite Wild Cards
  • Legendary: 8 Elite Wild Cards
  • Champion: 8 Elite Wild Cards

How to use Shards for Evolution

This is a simple step, which can be followed without much of a hassle.

Shards in Clash RoyaleShards in Clash Royale
Image via Supercell
  • Go to your Card Collection menu.
  • Search for the Evolution Cards in the game, for example, Barbarian. Click on the Card.
  • In the mini menu, click on Upgrade.
  • You can see the Evolution menu beside Info. You can use it to check whether your card is eligible or not. If locked, it means you need to upgrade.
  • On the bottom of the menu, find the Magic items icon to open the list of items.
  • You will see the Shards, both specific Card Evolution as well as Wild Cards. You can combine or keep the shards separate and then utilize the upgrade for the evolution to finish.

How to get Evolution and Wild Shards in Clash Royale

To be fair, Clash Royale hasn’t made it easy to earn a lot of shards. Well, pay-to-win players might fancy this very much, but we shall list out all the ways to get the shards.

Evolution Shards have plenty of options to acquire, but currently, the availability is low. The best way to acquire Evo Shards is through Pass Royale. Players who reach King Level 7 can gain access to Pass Royale with a Diamond Pass. Challenges are a great way to go, with which you get a chance to unlock shards. Players progressing through the Path of Legends can also obtain Evo Shards pretty decently.

Wild ShardWild Shard
Image via Supercell

Lastly, the best way of getting shards is by reaching King Level 50. Players receive Level-up chests at every second level. These chests contain rewards, including Evo Shards. This means that players can continue to gather shards even after reaching higher levels, further enhancing their card collection and enabling more Card Evolutions.

Wild Shards can be obtained for free in the shop. Well, for every player, two Wild Shards are available, and they can get two shards one time logging in. Wild Shards are also obtainable via Events and Challenges. This might change when Clash Royale brings different methods to get the shards in the next update, but until then, this will remain the same.

Did you find this Clash Royale guide on Evolution Shards and Wild Shards helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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