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Warzone players divided over best mode to level up guns

Max Candelarezi

Warzone offers a variety of modes for players to dive into to level up their guns and stay prepared for any meta changes. However, there’s a split among players about the best mode to achieve this efficiently.

Warzone Season 1 is fully underway, giving players a ton of content to unlock. This includes a brand-new Battle Pass full of cosmetics, weapons, and Operators, as well as new modes, movement changes, and quality-of-life improvements.

As the Season 1 Reloaded update approaches, players are gearing up to maximize the leveling of their weapons, ensuring they stay ahead of the meta shift once weapons changes hit the game.

To do this, picking the best Warzone mode is essential as it boosts efficient progression for both weapons and levels. However, this has led to a split within the community as they try to determine the best way to level up weapons within the free-to-play title.

In a Reddit post, user ‘BrashAntagonist’ shared that they think “Lockdown is honestly better [than Plunder] to level up your guns.” They then added, “Plunder [is] just way too big and you can’t find people… Vondel lockdown is basically a big a** dominaton. It’s so much more fun and active.”

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While both Warzone modes take place on different maps, with Lockdown being on Vondel, a Resurgence small map, and Plunder on the battle royale map Urzikstan, players are convinced that the size of the map significantly affects the intensity of the mode which could play a major role leveling up weapons.

“I enjoy both modes thoroughly. I like plunder for the more methodical and large scale approach to combat on a large map, but I also like lockdown for the absolute chaos and fast paced shenanigans that it is,” one player highlighted in the comments.

Another player added, “I completely agree. Lockdown is a guaranteed continuous stream of fights, whereas Plunder is very hit or miss.” Then, another user chimed in sharing, “I’m a fan of Lockdown, but with no contracts Plunder is a much more effective way of getting XP than kills”

Even though players believe there’s no perfect mode to level up guns, you can improve the efficiency by choosing the one that best suits the playstyle you’re looking for. So, Vondel’s Lockdown will probably be more frenetic and engaged, different from Urzikstan Plunder’s methodical and strategic style.

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