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Mythic Samkok beginners guide

Mythic Samkok Beginners Guide and Tips

Mythic Samkok is created by EskyfunUSA as a strategic RPG that plunges you into the heart of the three kingdoms, presenting them with tactical battles. The recruitment or gacha system provides a diverse amount of characters for your team, and auto-based battles let you witness your warriors’ triumphs. This Mythic Samkok Beginners Guide is designed to help you grasp the basics and key gameplay aspects as you begin your journey in the game.

Enhance your character through gameplay, obtain various items and skills, and employ diverse tactics to overcome challenges while expanding your knowledge. Explore Mythic Samkok redeem codes and a reroll guide for a smoother gaming experience.

Mythic Samkok Gameplay Basics

Mythic Samkok combines historical perspectives with fiction, as players embark on quests and engage in battles against various foes. The game also adds extra excitement with dungeon challenges, introducing a faction system, kingdoms, quests, and more.

Mythic Samkok WarriorsMythic Samkok Warriors
Image via EskyfunUSA

Getting started may seem a bit overwhelming, but following the main quests serves as a helpful guide. Accomplishing these quests significantly contributes to the game’s storyline. Progressing involves leveling up through combat and challenges, and adapting to the flashy battles in this expansive world.

Choosing Characters in Mythic Samkok

When you first step into the Mythic Samkok game, you get to pick your first warrior. Two choices between a guy and a girl bring a fiery vibe to the table.

Mythic Samkok character selectMythic Samkok character select
Image via EskyfunUSA

So, as you start playing, you’ll notice this hot energy influencing how your warrior fights and handles things. It’s not just for show as it’s the spark that makes your journey in Mythic Samkok uniquely awesome.

Movement and Controls in Mythic Samkok

In Mythic Samkok, easily control your adventure by smoothly making your character do different things with simple controls. Use the Joystick to effortlessly move around, making your exploration in the game more enjoyable. Here is a simple guide on the controls that you may use when playing the game:

  • Joystick: Effortlessly direct your character’s movement.
  • Skill: Harness special abilities by tapping on the Skill control.
  • Ultimate: Unleash powerful moves with the Ultimate control.

Explore the lively world by tapping on your screen where every tap matters as you move forward. Use the Joystick, various Skills, and Ultimate commands smartly to get the most out of your gameplay. You can even speed things up or let the game fight for you with fast-forward and auto-battle, making your gaming experience more carefree.

Mythic Samkok Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Prioritize the Quests

Focus on completing quests as a beginner in Mythic Samkok. Quests serve as the key pathway for advancing in the game, offering an easy way to enhance your gameplay. Not only do quests guide you through the main story, but they also help you become familiar with the game’s elements.

Mythic Samkok story questMythic Samkok story quest
Image via EskyfunUSA

Prioritizing quests early on ensures swift progress and unlocks new features for your gameplay.

2. Keep Upgrading your Warriors

Strengthen your team by upgrading your warriors. Level up your warriors using different materials to enhance their power, increasing their HP, defense, and attack with each level. Additionally, promote each warrior’s star tier to significantly boost their attributes.

Mythic Samkok warriorMythic Samkok warrior
Image via EskyfunUSA

Utilize essential items for star-tier promotions and create a formidable team by consistently upgrading and promoting your warriors.

3. Utilize Auto-Battle

Take advantage of the auto-battle feature, especially after completing the main story mode. Auto-battles, controlled by AI technology, simplify turn-based battles. With auto-battle, powerful skills are activated automatically when enough burning essence is accumulated.

Mythic Samkok gameplayMythic Samkok gameplay
Image via EskyfunUSA

Create a robust team, turn on auto-battle, increase battle speed, and enjoy effortless victories while your characters showcase their skills.

4. Keep exploring the Map

Delve into the game world by exploring the map. Discover new locations, quests, and challenges that contribute to your overall progress. Exploration adds depth to your gaming experience, unveiling hidden treasures and opportunities.

Mythic Samkok mapMythic Samkok map
Image via EskyfunUSA

Keep an eye out for interesting areas and take the time to navigate the diverse map in Mythic Samkok.

5. Interact with other Players

Enhance your gaming experience by interacting with other players. Join communities, participate in guilds, and engage in multiplayer activities.

Mythic Samkok world gameplayMythic Samkok world gameplay
Image via EskyfunUSA

Collaborating with fellow players opens up opportunities for shared strategies, tips, and rewards. Stay connected with the player community to make the most of the social aspects of Mythic Samkok.

Final Thoughts

In summary, as a beginner in Mythic Samkok, focus on completing quests, upgrade your warriors regularly, and use the auto-battle feature for easier victories. Explore the map for hidden treasures, and connect with other players to enhance your gaming experience. Follow these tips to navigate the game smoothly and enjoy the adventure in Mythic Samkok.

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