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LEC 2024 Jungle Power Rankings

The LEC jungle pool looks quite stacked this season: here are our rankings of the top five junglers heading into the 2024 Winter Split.

LEC jungle player rankingsLEC jungle player rankings

Photo Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

LEC Jungle Power Rankings – 2024 Winter Split

5. Bo

If you look at Bo’s performance from last season, you would probably call me crazy to see him in the top five. Yet, I still think he’s the jungle player with the highest ceiling on this list.

I have a certain bias toward Eastern players and I have no problem admitting but Bo’s potential and mechanical prowess is a force to be reckoned with. He might not be the ideal jungle player the team wants, but if you’re able to take advantage of his characteristics, you will have success with him. Vitality failed to do that but I’m confident that Karmine Corp will try to work something out for him. Before seeing that happen, though, we’ll just put him fifth on the list.

4. Razork

What I like about European junglers is that most of them have a great innate carry potential and they are willing to play high-risk, high-reward champions to get to the victory. Razork is a clear example of this: he’s always willing to take up that role, which explains the second-highest damage share among the LEC junglers.

What I feel like Razork lacks a bit compared to the ones above him is a bit of consistency. When things get rough, he’s not able to be on his A-game and find ways to get back into the game. It was clear in the first half of the season when FNC struggled in the bottom pack. In Summer, as soon as things started getting better, he was able to show his worth, although he still had his own moments. If he’s able to work on that, then Razork will be fighting among the very best.

3. Elyoya

Speaking of consistency, Elyoya has probably been the most consistent jungler in the past few years. Ever since he joined the LEC, he was always in the discussion for the top spot. And while I think this year is no exception, I’m a bit worried that he’s going to take up so much responsibility, to the point where he won’t be able to withstand it anymore.

I already had this impression on last year’s roster and the fact that MAD is running four rookies alongside him might not help the cause. Even though Elyoya is familiar with all of them, he will be the one with the most pressure given his status as a veteran. I don’t think MAD will be fighting for the top spots right off, but if they are able to fight with other top teams, I believe it will be thanks to Elyoya.

2. Jankos

Speaking of veterans, the most hilarious Polish jungler is still in the LEC and ready to show the younger guys that he still wants to run the LEC. Jankos was one of TH’s strongest points last season and he should be the team’s core in 2024 as well.

He might not be the flashiest player in the league, but you can be sure he’s going to be a solid player with exceptional shotcalling. And now that he reunites with Wunder and Perkz, we’ll see whether they can bring the 2019 G2 magic back.

1. Yike

While I was worried about Yike coming into 2023, he quickly eliminated all my worries with his stellar performances. If you just pay attention to his games, it’s quite unbelievable that the Swedish player was just a rookie last year. The way he can stay collected during heated moments and his willingness to play almost anything if the situation calls is remarkable.

Now that he had his experience, I expect Yike to take it up a notch once again. G2 is sticking together for another year and this will benefit him the most. If there is someone with a high enough ceiling to take down the Eastern junglers, Yike is among them.

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