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CS2 Roster Updates 2024 | All Changes for the New Season!

It’s that time of year again – many of the CS2 rosters have made their changes for the new 2024 season. We’re here to show you the moves that have been made so far!

Confirmed CS2 Roster Changes


  • Buzzb0RUP
  • +jabbi +stavn
CS2 predictionsCS2 predictions

Credit: Astralis

At the heart of the spiciest CS drama of 2023, Astralis have brought in jabbi and stavn from Heroic. It was a surprise when Buzz left instead of Staehr, with it likely coming down to roles. Now, the team look set for a banger 2024.

Astralis are:

  • dev1ce
  • blameF
  • Staehr
  • jabbi
  • stavn


  • +hampus +CeRq +faveN +CYPHER +lauNX
CS2 roster changesCS2 roster changes

Credit: BLEED

Now this is an interesting roster. Put together by kassad, BLEED’s entry into CS has little to lose and plenty to gain. CeRq hasn’t looked good in years, but has been dedicated to the CS2 grind to return to the top. Meanwhile, hampus is a solid IGL, with faveN, CYPHER, and lauNX all players with potential. BLEED is one to watch in 2024.

BLEED are:

  • hampus
  • CeRq
  • faveN
  • lauNX


Credit: Cloud9

Out of seemingly nowhere, sh1ro has requested a transfer from Cloud9. Hopes were high for the superteam, but they never quite lived up to expectations. They have replaced him with IGL Boombl4 from 1WIN, bringing back most of the core of 2021 NAVI, and leaving them without an AWPer.

Will 2024 be the year of the AWPless team in the new CS2 meta? Cloud9 is certainly banking on it.

Cloud9 are:

  • Ax1Le
  • HObbit
  • electroNic
  • Perfecto
  • Boombl4


  • SnappiMadenSunPayusNertZ
  • +gla1ve +Goofy +hades +Kylar

Credit: ENCE

After having their roster picked apart by Falcons, ENCE decided to build around Danish IGL gla1ve by giving him a team of Polish players. This means that despite a Polish core and coach, the team will have to communicate in English on the server. It’s a strange move, but the signing of the 9INE core allows them to retain a Major RMR spot, so on short notice, it’s not the worst CS2 roster move.

ENCE are:

  • gla1ve
  • dycha
  • Goofy
  • hades
  • Kylar


  • NBKbodyymhLlauNX
  • +Magisk +Snappi +SunPayus +Maden
Team Falcons CS2 rosterTeam Falcons CS2 roster

Credit: Team Falcons

After Falcons used its deep pockets to lure legendary coach zonic into the fold, their intentions were revealed. Ever since, the rumor mill ws nonstop, linking every big-name player with a move to the Saudi Arabian team. While NiKo seemed set to join the team, a dramatic U-turn saw him turn the superteam down, which in turn cooled down the rumors around m0NESY joining the team, too.

The team eventually completed their roster by taking Magisk from Vitality, as well as the ENCE core of Snappi, SunPayus and Maden. They go into 2024 with lofty expectations of success.

Falcons are:

  • Magisk
  • Snappi
  • SunPayus
  • Maden


CS2 roster changesCS2 roster changes

Credit: FaZe

FaZe confirmed that while Twistzz has left for Team Liquid, he has been replaced by frozen. A like-for-like replacement in our eyes, which should be enough to see the team continue winning into 2024.

FaZe are:

  • karrigan
  • rain
  • broky
  • ropz
  • frozen


Credit: Daniel Morris

G2 removing jks and adding nexa was a huge surprise at the tail end of 2023. Most feel it makes the team worse, and only time will tell if the move will pay off. 2024 could start off rough for G2 if things don’t click.

G2 are:

  • HooXi
  • NiKo
  • huNter-
  • m0NESY
  • nexa


  • cadiaN jabbistavn
  • +NertZ +kyxsan +nicoodoz
CS2 roster changesCS2 roster changes

Credit: Daniel Morris

After finishing 2023 with a whimper, Heroic responded to its roster troubles with three solid signings. Will it see them compete for the big prizes in 2024? Probably not, but it’s an interesting lineup, nonetheless.

Heroic are:

  • sjuush
  • TeSeS
  • NertZ
  • kyxsan
  • nicoodoz


  • RainwakerPatsioSee
  • +cadiaN +Twistzz +skullz
Team Liquid CS2 rosterTeam Liquid CS2 roster

Credit: Team Liquid

The NA team are back. This is cadiaN’s project, beginning with the signing of Twistzz from FaZe. Backed up by Brazilian talent skullz, this Liquid roster is eligible for the Americas RMR, giving them an easier path to every CS2 Major too.

Liquid are:

  • NAF
  • cadiaN
  • Twistzz
  • skullz


Credit: MOUZ

Losing frozen to FaZe is a huge loss going into 2024. The star rifler was key to much of the team’s success last year, making this one of the saddest CS2 roster changes this season. A replacement is yet to be announced.

MOUZ are:

  • siuhy
  • xertioN
  • torzsi
  • Jimpphat



Credit: Daniel Morris

With s1mple taking a break from competitive play, NAVI has signed young Sprout talent w0nderful in his place. No pressure, kid. If the GOAT decides to return in 2024, it could be a short-lived move.

NAVI are:

  • b1t
  • Aleksib
  • jL
  • iM
  • w0nderful

Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • hampus -Brollan
  • +es3tag +ALEX
CS2 rostersCS2 rosters

Credit: NIPCS on Twitter

A period of failure for NIP has seen them pull es3tag off the bench after 10 months of inactivity, as well as purchasing IGL ALEX from Movistar Riders. As they look to qualify for the first CS2 Major, hampus and Brollan are the two victims here, but realistically it could have been either k0nfig or REZ benched. Is this a roster that can challenge for CS2 tournaments yet though? Only time will tell.

Ninjas in Pyjamas are:

  • k0nfig
  • REZ
  • ALEX
  • headtr1ck
  • es3tag


  • nexaFASHR
  • +Nexius +HeavyGod
CS2 roster changesCS2 roster changes

Credit: OG

OG kind of cooked with this CS2 roster change. Nexius impressed for MOUZ at IEM Sydney 2023, while HeavyGod is an interesting prospect. It’s not a roster that will set the world alight, but it should see an improvement in 2024 compared to last year.

OG are:

  • k1to
  • F1KU
  • regali
  • Nexius
  • HeavyGod


Preasy CS2Preasy CS2

Credit: Preasy

You might not have heard of Preasy. They’re one of the most exciting teams coming out of Denmark, with aims of reaching the Copenhagen Major. To assist, they’ve employed the service of a man who knows a few things about reaching and winning a Major (or five). That’s right – dupreeh is in at Preasy, elevating a team winning plenty in Tier 2 to a roster ready to crack Tier 1. Keep your eyes on this one.

Preasy are:

  • TMB
  • roeJ
  • Altekz
  • refrezh
  • dupreeh


Credit: Spirit

Spirit signing sh1ro is one of the coups of the year. Young AWPer ArtFr0st was in good form, and is unfortunate to be dropped, but when a player like sh1ro is available, you have to take the plunge. Alongside young talent donk, Spirit has a team that can make a dent in Tier 1.

Spirit are:

  • chopper
  • donk
  • magixx
  • zont1x
  • sh1ro


Credit: TeamVitality on Twitter

With Magisk picked up by Falcons, Vitality acted fast to secure the signature of British rifler mezii. He was stuck on a middling Fnatic roster for a while, but has always looked a level above. Playing with Vitality has already helped him add some silverware to the trophy cabinet, and he’ll be hoping to continue that into 2024.

Vitality are:

  • apEX
  • ZywOo
  • flameZ
  • Spinx
  • mezii

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