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Costumed Hoothoot

Pokemon Go players slam Niantic for “ridiculous” costumed Mon fail

Lucas Simons

A Pokemon Go player has taken to social media to protest against an error that wrongfully prevented them from getting costumed Pokemon on ongoing Raids that were still active after the event ended.

Pokemon Go players have quite a lot of grinding to do with the current season, Timeless Travels, dropping tons of content during several events. One of the said events allowed players to catch new costumed Pokemon, but some players are finding out that there’s an annoying bug that prevents them from getting said special Mons.

This happened to several members of the Pokemon Go community that, tired of being ‘catfished’ by Niantic, have taken it to social media to protest against this bothersome glitch.

Reddit user ‘backdoorintruder’ was one of the players sharing a post on the Pokemon Go Reddit to call out for the devs to fix this as soon as possible and stated: “Anyone else have this happen to them today?”

The OP also shared details on several failed Raids where they lost their chance to get various costumed species: “I did 3 raids this evening for Hoothoot, Gengar, and Bulbasaur. All of which had their respective hats on up until the catch screen. Did anyone else experience this? Super disappointed at this catfish by Niantic.”

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An angry Pokemon Go player answered the OP’s post: “It happens a lot if the event is over. Horrible but Niantic can’t code.” While another one added: “Wow that’s ridiculous.”

Meanwhile, one of the trainers explained what happened: “When the event ends, the special spawns also end. You did the raids after 8 pm so you didn’t get the costume Pokemon.” To what Reddit user ‘pogokitten’ answered: “Then they shouldn’t let special raids start if they are going to end after the event. I wasted a remote pass because I really wanted the Hoothoot shiny lol.”

In the case that Niantic offers some explanation on why this happened or introduces a fix to this error, we will let you know. In the meantime, we should be looking forward to the next Community Day featuring Rowlet and to the upcoming Pokemon Go Hisuian Typhlosion Raid Day.

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