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All colors of Flabebe in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go: How to get all Flabebe colors & can they be shiny?

Joaquín Frere

Flabebe is back in Pokemon Go after its debut on the Valentine’s Day event of 2022, and players are wondering how to catch every color and if the creature can spawn in its shiny form.

Flababe was introduced to the Pokemon franchise in Gen VI, and it was one of the first Fairy-types along with Sylveon and Klefki. Its appearance in Pokemon Go took a while, but since the Valentine’s Day 2022 event, the Flower Pokemon has been available with its different color schemes.

If you are wondering how to get Flabebe, all its color variations available, and if its shiny form can be found in Pokemon Go, here’s everything you need to know.

How to catch Flabebe in Pokemon Go

Flabebe can only spawn in the wild in Pokemon Go, so players need to encounter it as any other wild creature in the game.

Future events in-game might feature an increased spawn rate for Flabebe, so be on the lookout and stay up to date with the latest news.

Pokemon Go: How to get every Flabebe color variation

Pokemon Go features all five color schemes for Flabebe, but three of them are region-exclusive, so to get every single one you’ll need to trade with Friends.

Here’s how to get every Flabebe flower color in Pokemon Go:

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If your region features a specific Flabebe, you’ll mostly see that color spawn in the wild. The White and Orange variations have a smaller chance of spawning, but it’s not impossible to find them alongside the regional variations.

Can Flabebe spawn in its shiny form in Pokemon Go?

Flabebe can’t spawn in its shiny form in Pokemon Go, as the shiny version of it is not available in the game. This means that both of Flabebe’s evolutions, Florges and Floette, are also unavailable in Pokemon Go.

Niantic normally debuts this Pokemon alongside its shiny versions, but when they don’t, it’s probably because a future event will feature it.

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