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Holger 556 JAK Signal Burst AMP

MW3 players slam “trash” new Aftermarket Part that makes the gun worse

Max Candelarezi

MW3 introduced the Aftermarket Parts, which gives players the ability to customize their weapons further. However, players believe that one of the Season 1 AMPs is “useless.”

Modern Warfare 3 has brought many beloved improvements to its multiplayer experience. This includes popular additions such as the slide cancel, the classic minimap, and more. Additionally, SHG introduced a new feature called Aftermarket Parts, allowing players to customize their weapons.

These pieces empower players to make significant changes to their weapons, transforming their functionality and, in certain instances, elevating them into more effective weapons than their base counterparts.

MW3’s Season 1 introduced a fresh set of AMPs, however, players believe that the Holger 556’s JAK Signal Burst addition is “useless.” In a Reddit post, user ‘FistOfSven’ showcased the weapon’s uncontrollable recoil when equipping the AMP, which earned it the “trash” label.

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“Virtually all the Aftermarket Parts have been straight dookie,” a user shared. And then followed, “I literally only like them because the 3D-Printed aesthetic is a cool & unique concept that we haven’t seen before in a video game.”

However, players initially hoped that the weapon would “look like an XM8.” While some recognize its resemblance to BO2’s M8A1, they still think the weapon didn’t live up to their performance expectations.

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Players agree the weapon is “a**” and that after using it “for hours… it’s not worth it at all.” Also, they noticed that to slightly improve the noticeable recoil in the Holger 556 loadout, you’ll need to “stack recoil attachments.”

Yet, a few players found humor in the situation, highlighting that “aftermarket part means 3rd party manufactured, no warranty…” Another player chimed in saying: “They tried to bring back the M8A1😂.”

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