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Hero Wars tier list: Best heroes & team compositions

Aakrit Sharma

Hero Wars has you collecting heroes to battle against the forces of darkness. However, not all heroes have the same level of power, and some are better than others. To help you make the right choice, here’s a Hero Wars tier list ranking all heroes from best to worst.

Hero Wars is a fantasy RPG with over 50 characters, and choosing the right ones can make or break everything. Due to this, the game is often compared to the likes of popular titles such as Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail

Hero Wars also tests your skills against various bosses and enemies on your journey. You start with your characters at level 1, but as you progress, you reach the ‘Epic’ level where they can unleash their full potential.

However, some heroes are more powerful than others, and you have to be smart about how you level up your characters and form your teams. To help you with that, here’s a Hero Wars tier list that ranks all the best heroes for PvE and PvP.

A screengrab of Heroes fighting enemies in Hero WarsNexters
Each Hero has 4 different skills, namely white, green, blue, and violet.

Best heroes in Hero Wars ranked from best to worst

In the table below, we’ve assigned every hero in Hero Wars a tier ranging from S to D. The characters in the S tier are the strongest while the ones in the D tier are the weakest.

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We recommend using characters placed in the S and A tiers for best results. Fortunately, you’ll get a lot of them for free. But even if you’re willing to try out the game’s gacha system, only these characters are worth the investment.

Having said that, team formations play a major role in Hero Wars. For instance, Elmir and Dorian aren’t great as individual characters but when paired with someone like Daredevil, the outcome is entirely different.

A screengrab of Hero Wars gameplay.Nexters
Every Hero plays a different role in the team such as marksman, support, and healer.

Best team compositions in Hero Wars

To excel in Hero Wars, you not only need the best characters but also need to form teams with them. From synergy and damage output to support abilities and heals, there are many elements that make a good team.

These are the best and most balanced team compositions in Hero Wars:

  • Lilith, Phobos, Corvus, Morrigan, Alvanor
  • Krista, Lars, Nebula, Astaroth, Martha
  • Satori, Thea, Jorgen, Maya, Astaroth
  • Dorian, Orion, Helios, Clever, Peppy
  • Andvari, Rufus, Keira, Dorian, Martha
  • Kai, Maya, Lian, Phobos, Judge
  • Ginger, Isaac, Astrid, Lucas, Sebastian, Aurora

Well, this was everything to know about the best heroes in Hero Wars and how you can make the most of them in various team compositions. If you are looking for more RPG content, check out:

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