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Fortnite Jumbotron Spotted at Fenway Park

In 2023, Fortnite made records for being the most-played game across a few different platforms. Fans like to jump into the Battle Royale basically whoever they can, from high-end PCs to streaming it to any device. This week someone discovered the game being played in quite an unlikely place though, with a game of Fortnite on a Jumbotron being played!

Passing a baseball stadium over the weekend, a Twitter user @Jake3Roy has discovered the Battle Royale running there. From quite a distance away, there’s been the unmistakable view of somebody queuing up for a round in the lobby. During time off from hosting baseball events, the stadium is apparently being used for a larger-than-life round of Fortnite! Hopefully, they managed to win their game and claim a victory crown on the big screen. How did it happen?

Fortnite JumbotronFortnite Jumbotron

Source: @Jake3Roy

Fortnite Jumbotron Game Spotted at Baseball Stadium

The Stadiums home to US sports are some of the biggest, and Boston’s Fenway Park is one of the most iconic. This huge baseball stadium even features a sizeable Jumbotron. That’s the oversized screen used for the score and other crowd interaction features throughout the game. In the off season though? To some, it might be the world’s biggest gaming monitor.

Driving past, a Twitter user discovered a Fortnite jumbotron player sat in the lobby on the big screen. It seems while the stadium as empty, somebody has decided to hook up their own device and play some Fortnite in a unique place. By the looks of the page, they are playing on a relatively new account, using a default rather than one of the Fortnite skins.

This Fortnite Jumbotron game is impressive, but the stadium will be home to an esports event proper pretty soon. The Call of Duty League 2024’s season will include dates at Fenway Park, hopefully, played on a similar scale to Fortnite here.

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