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Utility Snapsword Returns to Fortnite After 134 Days

Fortnite has tons of cosmetic items available. There are skins, emotes, back blings, and now even cars and songs. With so much rotating in and out every day though, there are always items that we don’t see pop up too much. One of those has just made a comeback, the Utility Snapsword has returned to Fortnite after quite an absence.

The Winterfest Fortnite update saw the item store get a bit quieter. We had big sections like Rick and Morty stick around for quite a while. Now the Winter break is over though, we’ve gottn a bit more variety back. The current item shop has brought back quite a few different cosmetics, including some that haven’t been here for a while.

Fortnite Utility SnapswordFortnite Utility Snapsword

Source: Epic Games

Utility Snapsword Returns to Fortnite Item Shop After 134 Days

The Utility Snapsword has returned to the Fortnite Item Shop after being absent for as many as 134 days. This puts it on the rarer side of Fortnite cosmetics right now! Although, we haven’t had one of the rarest Fortnite skins come back, but a harvesting tool not seen for more than 100 days is here.

The Utility Snapsword is a futuristic sword-looking pickaxe, first introduced in Chapter 4. It was around for a while when it first launched, but has been out of the store for a considerable amount of time now. Its return might please a few fans hoping to complete a locker slot that only this pickaxe would fit!

It’s not just that sword that’s made a return. We’ve got quite a few new features thrown in with the Item Shop today. We’ve got all the Dragon Ball skins back, great for the new addition of Frieze and Cell. Then there’s the Futurama content that’s come back this week. Along with those, the John Cena skin is still here despite having been in so many shops lately.

It’s always great to see older items make a return in Fortnite. If you’re looking to fill any holes in your wardrobe, today’s item shop might be the perfect chance.

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