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The Finals players frustrated as “bare” cosmetic store wastes its potential

Max Candelarezi

Although The Finals has been widely acclaimed since its global release, players are frustrated with the “bare” cosmetic store as it misses its huge potential.

Embark Studios’ The Finals received across-the-board praise since its full release, with players enjoying the free-to-play FPS core gameplay loop keeping them highly engaged. The game’s Season 1 brought a ton of free content, including several buffs and nerfs, a new map, a ton of new features, and more.

However, despite the game’s big potential for character customization, many players are frustrated with The Finals cosmetic store being “kind of weak.” The full-release store has yet to fully exploit the possibilities for customization that players are eager for.

In a Reddit post showcasing The Finals store for January 3, players shared their concern about the cosmetics: “It kind of baffles me how bare the store is. And now is the time when they’ll have the biggest and most enthusiastic player base… they’re squandering the chance to cash in on the game.”

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Another player chimed in saying, “There’s so much potential. I wish they just release an entire backlog of cosmetics so we can have our unique characters. Better before everyone lose interests.”

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On the contrary, some players directly attacked the store’s strategy by noting, “Kinda s**t to offer a recolor and more items to go along with the final BP unlock. Feels kinda scummy honestly.”

“I don’t know how this game aims to make money when very few cosmetics are even worth getting, then the shop refreshed with most of the same stuff,” another player added in the comments.

While certain players expect the introduction of new items in Season 2, it remains to be seen what improvements Embark have in store for The Finals cosmetics. Meanwhile, be sure to check out how to level up quickly or how to bunny hop & slide in the game.

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