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LCK 2024 ADC Power Rankings

Here are our ADC power rankings coming into the 2024 LCK Spring Split in what might be the most competitive talent pool we had in years.

lck adc rankingslck adc rankings

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LCK ADC Power Rankings – 2024 Spring Split

5. Deft

Even though Deft came into 2023 as the World Champion, it was clear that he probably wouldn’t have been able to maintain that level of performance during the season. Nonetheless, he had a decent season on DK but the team didn’t really click as it should’ve.

He will now have the chance to redeem himself on KT Rolster, now that he reunites with BeryL and Pyosik from the DRX 2022 lineup. I don’t expect him to magically be the best but you can always treat him as a solid player with decent carry potential. Whether he can move up the rankings will ultimately come down to whether the team can enable him. For now, he will be sitting in fifth place.

4. Aiming

I might be a bit biased here but Aiming has been one of my favorite ADCs in the past two years. Regardless of what team he’s playing in, he has always been able to be the late-game carry you need to win the decisive teamfights. And now that he worked his way to DK, he has the golden chance to prove he can fight the other top ADCs in the LCK.

He might need a bit of help from the overall meta (he shines on scaling marksmen) but he now has the right roster to fully unleash his potential. Excited to see how he delivers.

3. Peyz

For some time Peyz was the best ADC in the LCK and considering it was his rookie year, he proved to the world why Gen.G believed in him. Filling Ruler’s shoes was no easy feat but he was able to become the backbone of the team. He likely felt a bit of pressure at Worlds just like the other teammates so that is why I’m putting him in third for now. The gap to the top two, however, is non-existent, so the ranking here doesn’t matter. Now that he’s in his second year, we might see Peyz taking his gameplay up a notch in 2024.

2. Gumayusi

Oh, Guma, Guma, Guma. I will always like him for the “ramen” analogy he made for the ADC players since I fully agree with him. ADCs in competitive are the “egg” you put on your ramen: it makes the difference only if the other ingredients are good. Needless to say that T1 has excellent “ingredients”, and that Gumayusi is the “egg” you would always want to slurp through your noodles.

What was amazing about Gumayusi at Worlds was his ability to pick any ADC the team needed and deliver solid performances on it. Exceptional positioning and strong laning phase with Keria made him unbeatable at Worlds. If he continues on that path, he might be the no. 1 ADC in no time.

1. Viper

While he may not have had the best results in the past two years, I still believe Viper is individually the best ADC the LCK has to offer. Regardless of the situation or game state, I always get the impression that Viper can turn things around in his favor, and that is not something I get from other players.

My issue with this line of thought is that HLE shouldn’t have to always rely on him that much since it has been proven that one-dimensional teams don’t work out past some point, especially at the international stages. Nonetheless, Viper continues to be my no. 1 pick for the ADC role and unless he randomly drops his level of play, he’ll always be at the (or close) to the top.

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