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How many people actually participate in the...

How many people actually participate in the… – Call of Duty: Mobile news, leaks, cheat and latest updates

When I’m bored, or between eating I’ll run the ads but usually the draw rewards are prerty shit so I just end up buying the 30xp cards

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  1. totally1of1

    I do since it’s free epic weapon, but I skip of its crap like the cbr a few seasons ago

  2. Occultkax

    This was never available for me to do somehow

  3. Kurostatik

    me. every season

  4. msammm

    I stopped since the operator skin was removed.

  5. ProperPerspective571

    As a new player I used to. Can’t be bothered now.

  6. Next_Cellist_1384

    Wath ed on my first season when the m4 focus was my main goal since I didn’t have any skins. Never again from then

  7. OkDonkey6718

    Never worked for me.

  8. mrbrightsideryu

    Gave up a long long time ago

  9. bloodandglory31

    Doesn’t work on IOS but does on android for me

  10. ramdom-ink

    When the wife and I are watching TV, I’ll just click the ad, mute the volume and bury my screen until it’s done. Rinse + repeat 15x. I have about 16,000 points now, so as soon as a new pallet is released I just buy the Epic and spin the rest. Accumulation, exponential growth and time is a wonderful thing: it worked for evolution, too

  11. TorturedORiley

    I used when you could get an operator skin, but I haven’t done it much since.

    I used to sit at work with my phone on silent and hit the watch video ad between tasks.

  12. shibaXplayz

    It used to have an operator skin and the epics used to be solid. But as a paid player i dont see the point in filling up my inventory with crappy skins :p

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