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Best Ways To Display Your Xbox Series X

Best Ways To Display Your Xbox Series X


  • Showcase your Xbox Series X in style with LED TV stands or floating shelves for a minimalist, elegant look.
  • Think outside the box with a compact gaming station for limited space, complete with a built-in monitor and cooling fans.
  • Opt for a dedicated wall mount for a sleek, gamer-approved display that keeps your console safe and easily accessible.



Gaming PCs are fantastic and all, but consoles are where it’s at. The Xbox Series X is not only an amazing piece of technology, but it also looks magnificent. A beautiful console like this deserves to be displayed proudly.

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But how does one display their Xbox Series X? Where is the best place to put it? Well, today, we’ll get creative and explore a few products that you can use for inspiration to find the perfect location to display this incredible console. We’ve thought of everything from adjustable LED TV stands to industrial, hardy-looking wall mounts. Ready to find the best place for your Xbox Series X? Let’s begin!

Using Television Cabinets

Rolanstar Deformable TV Stand with LED Strip & Power Outlets
Rolanstar Deformable TV Stand with LED Strip & Power Outlets

This deformable Rolanstar TV stand features a set of power outlets and an LED strip. It’s suited for TVs between 45 and 70 inches and allows for various configurations.

One of the more standard methods of displaying an Xbox is using a television cabinet, but that’s no reason to be boring about it. For example, take this deformable TV stand with LED strip lights. You can freely arrange the compartments to your heart’s desire at any moment. The LED strip lights offer up to 20 colors, and there are 19 dynamic modes to keep things exciting.

There are holes in the back of the cabinet for neat cable management, and there’s a power outlet on top, so your cables can easily reach a power source. Plus, there’s ample space to store gaming controllers, physical game discs, a speaker system, and more.

Bestier LED Entertainment Center
Bestier LED Entertainment Center

This Bestier TV stand is perfect for TVs sized 60 to 65 inches but will work with smaller or larger sizes too. It features ample storage space for your gaming accessories, LED lighting, and adjustable glass shelving.

If you want a more elegant design, how about this gaming cabinet with an adjustable glass shelf? Even though this design is elegant, is also comes with LED strip lights that enhance the center compartment. The cabinet itself offers multiple places to display your Xbox Series X, as well as a lot of storage space for controllers, remote controls, and anything else you may need for your gaming experience.

Both of these cabinets allow you to place the console in the center and have space for two left and right speakers in the left and right compartments. This is probably the best setup, especially with the glass shelf cabinet, as the LED lights will bring attention to the console.

A Compact Gaming Station

A big issue that many gamers run into when purchasing a console is the limited space they have available. If you don’t have a living room with enough space to display your Xbox, or you simply want to keep your gaming sessions in your office or bedroom, but your desk is cramped with monitors and a tower, you might need this:

Case Club Gaming Station for Xbox Series X_S
Case Club Gaming Station for Xbox Series X|S

This Case Club gaming station features a built-in 18.5-inch monitor, speakers, and cooling fans. There’s enough space for four physical games and two controllers, which aren’t included. A perfect on-the-go or space-saving experience.

This compact gaming station case was specifically designed to fit your Xbox Series X and has enough space for two controllers and four physical game covers. The thing that makes this a tremendously brilliant space-saving method of displaying your Xbox is that the 18.5-inch monitor and speakers are built-in, so to begin playing, you need only open the case.

Plus, it also has built-in cooling fans, so you don’t have to worry about your console overheating. You can pop the case on your bed, the corner of your desk, or even the floor and enjoy your favorite games.

Floating Shelves

Running with a space-saving theme leads us to a minimalist, sophisticated display idea: floating shelves. Gone are the days when living rooms, or bedrooms for that matter, needed a television cabinet. If you already have your television attached to a wall mount, why not add a floating shelf below it on which your Xbox Series X can rest elegantly?

WALI Floating Entertainment Center Shelves
WALI Floating Entertainment Center Shelves

This strengthened, tempered glass floating shelf display from Wali features two shelves that can hold up to 17.6 lbs. Perfect for displaying your Xbox, DVD player, gaming accessories, etc.

Speaking of elegance, there’s nothing quite as extravagant yet minimalist as this strengthened, tempered glass floating shelf by Wali. The product has two adjustable shelves, a wall plate, and a decorative cover. You could have your controllers and headset on one shelf and your Xbox on the other. Since the height of the shelves is easily adjustable, you can set them to the perfect height to match your aesthetic.

It also means you can display your Xbox standing up or on its side (although setting it on its side would probably be safer). Oh, and if you’re not much of a DIY pro, the product page has a step-by-step video showing how to install it.

Dedicated Wall Mount

If you liked the idea of a floating shelf but want something that screams, “I’m a dedicated gamer,” how about wall mounts specifically designed for the Xbox Series X? The two wall mounts below are perfect examples.

BracNova Wall Mount Kit for Xbox Series X
BracNova Wall Mount Kit for Xbox Series X

This BracNova wall mount kit was specifically designed for the Xbox Series X and offers two hooks that can hold your controllers or a controller and headset. It’s made from steel so it’s very durable, so don’t worry about your Xbox being damaged.

This BracNova wall mount naturally has a much harder look since it’s made from steel. In addition to being able to house your Xbox Series X, there are hooks designed to hold two controllers or a controller and headset.

There are many places to position this: next to, under, or above your TV. It would look even better if your TV were mounted to the wall, too.

Wiilkac 4-in-1 Wall Mount Kit for Xbox Series X
Wiilkac 4-in-1 Wall Mount Kit for Xbox Series X

This wall mount was also created specifically for the Xbox Series X and provides a four-in-one solution to store your gaming accessories and mount your Xbox. It has a ventilated designed and allows for the console to face forward with enough space for cables in the back.

If the previous wall mount looked a bit too industrial, you may enjoy the aesthetic of this four-in-one Wiilkac wall mount. It’s specifically designed to hold the Xbox Series X, so it will fit snugly inside. It also has a ventilated design, so you won’t need to worry about your console overheating.

The product comes with two controller holders and a headphone hook to provide a convenient space to store your accessories after your gaming sessions.

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