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Level 8-3 100% Guide (All Presents)

Level 8-3 100% Guide (All Presents)

Mario vs. Donkey Kong has quite a few types of enemies and creatures. They are perfectly selected for each level, as they are oftentimes crucial to solving it. Level 8-3 introduces yellow robots with chains attached to their lower backs, and gamers won’t be able to ignore them in order to move forward.



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Like the Monchee enemy, gamers can use these long tail-like parts to reach certain places. However, these robots add an important gameplay element that many players might not know at first, making it harder for them to complete the level right away. Thankfully, this article will explain how they can complete and grab every collectible on Level 8-3 in Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

first area layout level 8-3

Level 8-3 introduces players to yellow robots, which they will have to face multiple times in this world. These robots have a large chain attached to them. Players can hold onto these chains in order to reach other locations, and if they grab the robot’s chain with one hand while holding onto another chain, it’ll keep the robot in place – this is the key element to solving this level’s puzzle.

How to Get the Red Present

The red gift isn’t hard to obtain on Level 8-3 – players can get it simply by jumping onto it. They can easily reach it if they do a Handstand Jump or a Backflip, but they can use the red blocks to get higher as well.

How to Get the Key

When players start the level, the robots won’t be in a position that will allow them to reach the key. Gamers need to get the robot on the right to move left past the red blocks. However, they must keep the robot on the left in the same place. Since they’re both moving exactly at the same time, players will need to keep one of the robots in place to modify its moving pattern.

To do this, gamers have to jump on the spring to reach the chains and then grab the robot’s chain while holding onto the metal chain. Players have to keep it there long enough to get them to move in opposite directions at all times. Once they’ve done this, they have to push the blue switch right before the robot on the right reaches the red blocks, so it can get to the other side. After, they have to press the red switch to get the barrier back up and prevent the robot on the left from getting past it. Players can now safely use the robots and the chains to reach the key and get it to open the door.

layout of area 2 level 8-3

Gamers will see a red laser right in front of them as soon as they enter the second area of Level 8-3. They have to hold onto the wire to avoid the laser, but they must time their movement just right, as an electrical charge will occasionally run through the wire, and they might have to drop down to avoid it.

Next, they’ll have to jump onto the next wire and swing around it enough to be able to jump to the platform above. They will have to deal with a yellow laser next. Whenever it’s about to turn on, they must duck down to avoid it taking down Mario. Then, they have to jump onto the spring to get to the platform above.

Players must then get across the moving platform. The lasers will constantly go off, and they will have to avoid them. The order in which lasers go off in Mario vs. Donkey Kong is: red, blue, and yellow.

How to Get the Yellow Present

Once players get to the far right, they must climb the platforms in order to reach the yellow Present. Gamers must make sure that they grab the yellow gift before activating the blue switch.

Next, they have to activate the button underneath the Present to switch the direction of the moving platforms. Then, they have to press the blue switch and go back down.

How to Get the Blue Present

Gamers have to take the same moving platform in the opposite direction now. Once they get to the far left, they must jump onto the wire, and then repeat the process so that they can reach the blue Present.

reaching the blue gift using wire

How to Get the Mini Mario Toy

Afterward, all they have to do to complete Level 8-3 is jump to the right and grab the Mini Mario Toy. Players will then be able to move on to the next level in World 8.

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