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Simple Palworld exploit helps players defeat Jormuntide easily

Aryan Singh

Palworld features various Alpha bosses with a particularly tricky one being Jormuntide. The Dragon Pal can be difficult to take down but a player on Reddit has discovered an easy way to defeat it through a simple exploit.

Palworld‘s open world offers all sorts of challenges for players to take on, ranging from treasure-laden dungeons to formidable tower bosses. On the way to completing the Paldeck, players also have to cross paths with powerful Pals who can be quite a handful if they don’t use the correct approach.

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Among the many Alpha bosses in the game is Jormuntide, an awe-inspiring Dragon-type Pal who bears the fearsome title of ‘Emperor of the Sea.’ It wields a variety of water-element attacks and exclusively spawns as a level 45 Alpha boss. This complicates matters for players looking to catch it, as they need to whittle down its health bar before lobbing Legendary Spheres in its direction and hoping for the best.

The battle itself can be pretty draining as Jormuntide’s water attacks can drown out offenses pretty quickly. Fortunately, a player on Reddit accidentally uncovered a simple trick to topple the dragon easily, although they weren’t exactly delighted with their discovery.

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The exploit was discovered by ‘KingLehmon_III,’ who stated that they had spent 20 minutes chucking away at Jormuntide’s health in hopes of capturing it. Unfortunately, the game had other ideas as the Pal collapsed out of seemingly nowhere.

The clip attached to the post displayed Jormuntide stalking the OP while they carefully fired shots at it. Eventually, the Pal rose high above its lair only to come crashing back down, resulting in instant death.

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The gameplay clip gained plenty of traction on the Palworld subreddit, as players chimed with all sorts of comments. One player shared a similar experience, “This happened to me the first time I tried to catch a Jetragon. Got it down to ~3000 hp then it clipped through a wall and died. I’m not sure if yours died of fall damage, but that didn’t look that far.”

Another user offered an alternate explanation for the events, “This man hated you so much he managed to take falling damage from water.” Some players also saw the events as a potential exploit, “What I’ve gathered: Aggravate Jormuntide to get it to follow you >> make it climb & fall >> profit.”

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Going by the clip, the exploit would involve players aggravating Jormuntide, whittling down its health, and patiently waiting for it to climb. If successful, the Pal should succumb to its end through fall damage. It’s worth noting that the method isn’t exactly reliable, so low-level players should proceed with caution.

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