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Warzone players furious as MTZ Interceptor still “broken” despite nerf

Nathan Warby

The Warzone January 11 update finally brought another long-awaited nerf to the MTZ Interceptor, after weeks of complaints. However, players feel the changes weren’t enough, as the rifle can still down enemies in three shots.

Since Warzone‘s integration with Modern Warfare 3 back at the start of Season 1, several weapons have risen to the top of the meta and dominated Urzikstan. The BAS-B was an early favorite while the WSP Swarm has taken over close-range fights.

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One of the most lethal guns in the game so far has been the MTZ Interceptor, thanks to its impressive damage output and range. Players have been desperate for a nerf to the popular Marksman Rifle, and it finally arrived in the January 11 update.

But it seems the balancing changes didn’t go far enough, as Warzone players are still claiming that the gun is overpowered.

The January 11 update reduced both the maximum and minimum damage of the MTZ Interceptor, in an effort to make it less dominant in mid to long-range encounters. However, stats page ‘Warzone Meta’ shared a post shortly after the nerf claiming it was “still broken,” and that after testing “it still kills in just 3 shots.”

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This was supported by streamer ‘Turk,’ who shared a clip of the gun in action. They found the Interceptor on the ground and quickly dropped an enemy on an opposing roof with just three hits.

Plenty of other Warzone players also spoke out after the update went live, furious that the “OP” rifle was still dominating lobbies and calling for even more nerfs.

“I cannot believe THIS was supposed to be the NERFED MTZ Interceptor. That thing is still VERY STRONG and needs more work,” said one player, before another added: “Just vault the MTZ interceptor until the rework can be effective.”

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The next major update in Warzone is Season 1 Reloaded on January 17, so there’s every chance we could see further nerfs to the MTZ Interceptor there. Either way, players will no doubt be hoping for changes soon, as it still appears to be one of the very best guns in the game.

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