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eFootball Playstyle Guide Defenders Defend Cover

eFootball 2024: Playstyle guide for Defenders

KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 has seen some new features such as Co-op Mode and My League over the updates, but one of the biggest positives we got to have is the view of tactics and the new training system, which has come across as a breath of fresh air for longtime fans of the game, which allows them to field a XI with tactical plans and player playstyle setups, be it Forwards, Midfielders, or Defenders in eFootball 2024.

While players follow this, few often forget that a player’s playstyle in eFootball still plays an important role in making the team adapt to the gameplan, and thus improve the flow of play. So, in this article, we will briefly explain the various eFootball player playstyle of all the Defenders available with examples and roles they play.

Even though the season update is running in eFootball 2024 carried over from the 2023 season, there hasn’t been any change in the playing style and tactics. However, we do see a few changes from the PES 2021 version of the game as a couple of playing styles are either renamed or removed.

Players often try to play a perfect game plan to suit their way of play, and for those to get a flexible day with their tactics and pick the best formations wherever needed, players adapt to their play and generally look better. In detail, we will mention all the types of player playing styles in-game, along with the discussion of the Manager style of play in eFootball.

There are a total of 22 playstyles from the Striker to the Goalkeeper in eFootball, out of which the Defender playstyles are listed as follows:

Offensive Full-back

  • Positions Activated: RB/LB
  • Key Attributes: Speed, Low Pass, Lofted Pass
  • Player Examples: Robertson, Jordi Alba


Full-back is a very demanding position and has both attacking and defensive roles to be fulfilled. Here, an Offensive Full-back prioritizes offensive contributions more and makes overlapping runs with the attackers on the wings.

Offensive FullbackOffensive Fullback
Offensive Fullback

These provide enough width to play a pass, and with better stamina, allow the player to comfortably last the full 90 on the pitch. Defensive ability is still important for the player.

Formation Discussion

Offensive Fullbacks can work in any formation. Better suited for Counter Attacking tactics which makes the best for his overlapping runs. A mix of an offensive and defensive fullback at both flanks is recommended.

Defensive Full-back

  • Positions Activated: RB/LB
  • Key Attributes: Defensive Awareness, Tackling
  • Player Examples: Ferland Mendy, Benjamin Pavard


A defensive full-back is an LB/RB who is particularly focused on the defensive actions in the game. So usually, he won’t bomb forward during counter-attacks, but his awareness to react and stop counters are more effective. Usually helping the closest centreback in covering his space.

Defensive FullbackDefensive Fullback
Defensive Fullback

Keeps a constant solid back line throughout the game, which is done by not overlapping. Even though they don’t activate at CB, they can be an effective sub in that position thanks to their defensive capabilities.

Formation Discussion

Just like Offensive Fullbacks, these can work in any 4 atb formation. However, they are well suited for Possession Game. A mix of an offensive and defensive fullback at both flanks is recommended.

Full-back Finisher

  • Positions Activated: RB/LB
  • Key Attributes: Speed, Dribbling
  • Player Examples: Joao Cancelo, Ashraf Hakimi


More like an offensive fullback, the players with the Fullback Finisher playstyle operate in a more offensive role. However, the difference is that, unlike the former playstyle, these types of players drift inside often to act as support players to the central forwards.

eFootball Player Playstyle Fullback FinishereFootball Player Playstyle Fullback Finisher
Fullback Finisher

They can also add a finishing touch sometimes, but they aren’t very reliable. They will try to push near the penalty box to provide the final ball. In the game and as well in real life, Cancelo and Hakimi play similar roles.

Formation Discussion

They can work in any formation. Make sure you play the players in the fullback positions only, as it’ll activate the playstyle only then.

  • Positions Activated: CB
  • Attributes: Defensive Awareness, Aggression
  • Player Examples: Sergio Ramos, Jules Kounde


Defenders who join the attack whenever there is a goal-scoring opportunity. It does not mean that they’ll be moving forward all the time. It is just a differentiation that these kinds of players usually have goal-scoring instincts.

eFootball Player Playstyle - Extra FrontmaneFootball Player Playstyle - Extra Frontman
Extra Frontman

They are very active during corners, and unlike Build Up players, do not rush back to the goal whenever the ball is in play during corners and will wait for the right opportunity to arise. Ramos, Pique, and Kounde are the best examples of this play style.

Formation Discussion

Works in any formation. However, when using an Extra Frontman in 3atb formations, make sure to play him at a wide CB position to avoid a hole in defense when he’s bombing forward.

Build Up

  • Positions Activated: CB
  • Key Attributes: Low Pass, Defensive Awareness, Defensive Engagement
  • Player Examples: Virgil Van Dijk, Marquinhos


A Build Up centreback is a central member of the defensive line who’s involved in having most of the ball and moving the ball forward. He drops deeper to pick the ball from the keeper, or stays/maintains the same defensive line.

eFootball Player Playstyle - Build UpeFootball Player Playstyle - Build Up
Build Up

Build Up CBs don’t join the attack, or run forward. They stick back in defense, maintain shape, and only involve in tackles whenever the opponent is close to their penalty area.

Formation Discussion

Any formation that has a four at the back defensive line. In a 3 atb formation, play the Build Up CB in a central CB position as he comes influential in distributing the ball and maintaining the defensive shape.

Offensive Goalkeeper

  • Positions Activated: GK
  • Key Attributes: GK Awareness, GK Reflexes, GK Reach
  • Player Examples: Manuel Neuer, Alisson


Offensive Goalkeepers are mainly famous for their ability to rush out from goal to have a last-ditch effort to stop the attacker from scoring. This type of keeper will stay out from his goal line often, to take a touch or two while in possession.

Offensive GoalkeeperOffensive Goalkeeper
Offensive Goalkeeper

While defending, he will come out for crosses to punch the ball to clear it. Manuel Neuer and Alisson are two good examples of such a type playstyle goalkeeper.

Formation Discussion

You can use an Offensive Goalkeeper in any formation, but playing him in a Possession Game, Out Wide, and Long Ball manager playstyles are recommended.

Defensive Goalkeeper

  • Positions Activated: GK
  • Key Attributes: GK Awareness, GK Reflexes, GK Catching
  • Player Examples: Thibaut Courtois, Jan Oblak


Defensive Goalkeeper for a defensive approach. When the team looks to defend, this kind of goalkeeper will usually stay around the goal line, carrying a safer approach.

Defensive GoalkeeperDefensive Goalkeeper
Defensive Goalkeeper

They do not come out during crosses or setpieces to clear the ball. They will sit on the goal line, ready to defend most of the time, even during 1v1 situations with the striker unless the player manually rushes out his GK.

Formation Discussion

You can use a Defensive Goalkeeper in any formation, but playing him in a Quick Counter and Long Ball Counter manager playstyles is recommended.

You can check out our other playstyle guides for forwards and midfielders respectively.

Everything explained is pretty basic, although you will get to see the differences of each playstyle when you take on the pitch to play.

So for now, that’s all for our Defenders playstyle guide in eFootball 2024. We will update this space once we get to see new playstyles or changes in the current one with an upcoming update.

What are your thoughts on this guide for Defenders playstyle in eFootball 2024? Let us know in the comments below.

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