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Wonderers: Eternal World Guide Cover

Wonderers: Eternal World Beginners Guide and Tips

Step into the enchanting world of Wonderers: Eternal World, crafted by Smilegate Holdings, an actionadventure game that invites you into a captivating universe. Where you engage in 4v4 team battles amidst stunning landscapes while diving into immersive quests and mini-games. This Wonderers: Eternal World Beginners Guide is your go-to companion for navigating Wonderers: Eternal World effortlessly.

Wonderers: Eternal World Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Follow Wonder License

Once you start playing, the tutorial is your go-to starting point, guiding you through the game’s basics in a friendly and thorough way. After you wrap up the tutorial, if you encounter any challenges, the Wonder License is your next step. It’s all about completing missions in categories like Gold Clash, Glitch Dungeon, Social, and Miscellaneous. These missions don’t just earn you rewards; they also help you understand more about the world of Wonderland.

Wonderers: Eternal World Wonder LicenseWonderers: Eternal World Wonder License
Image via Smilegate

The Wonder License has six grades, and you climb up a grade every time you finish 10 missions. The top rank is SS. To access the Wonder License, just tap the button in the game’s top right corner, pick a mission, and hit “Go to” to dive straight in and complete it.


In Wonderers: Eternal World, every hero has a regular attack and five different elemental powers like fire, water, wind, lightning, and earth, each with its own strength and cooldown time. They also come with a basic attack, the choice of two elemental moves, a super move, a passive skill, and a dodge. Using the basic attack helps reduce the cooldown time for the super move.

Wonderers: Eternal World HeroWonderers: Eternal World Hero
Image via Smilegate

By playing Gold Clash with a specific hero, you can earn Battle Level EXP to level up and win rewards. You can get a range of heroes through the Character Pass. In the game, you can check out each hero’s roles, stats, and special moves. There’s also a lot of customization available, from changing outfits and hairstyles to adjusting accessories. You can even change hair, eye, and clothes colors and save your hero’s look. Plus, you can use emojis and actions to show emotions while playing.


There are also Pets in the game that serve as loyal companions, accompanying you in battles and throughout your adventures. With diverse appearances and skills, each pet offers unique advantages that enhance your chances of victory. To summon pets, head to the Summon Pet screen using tickets or crystals.

Wonderers: Eternal World PetWonderers: Eternal World Pet
Image via Smilegate

These pets range from Normal to Legendary grades, with the highest achievable grade being Mutant, obtained by synthesizing two Legendary pets. Utilize the Pet Incubator to hatch shop-bought pet eggs, aided by assistants like Eggbird and Broodbird. Elevating a pet’s affinity involves gifting items like Meat-Flavored Jawbreakers and Salty Cookies, thereby leveling up their abilities.


Artifacts are so useful, enhancing your hero’s abilities and stats significantly. They’re not just items you collect; they’re powerful tools that shape how well you perform in key game modes like Gold Clash and Glitch Dungeon.

Wonderers: Eternal World ArtifactWonderers: Eternal World Artifact
Image via Smilegate

At the Manage Deck, you can set up your Artifact Preset, selecting the best artifacts for your Gold Clash plans. Additionally, the artifacts you place in your deck get special attention in the Artifact Shop, making it easy to upgrade and adjust them. To make artifacts stronger, you’ll need artifact pieces and Gold, which you earn by acquiring duplicates. Strengthening your artifacts gives your hero an advantage in the game’s captivating settings.

Customize your Hero

In Wonderers: Eternal World, your character’s appearance is completely customizable. Explore a range of enchanting fairytale costumes or opt for sleek, modern attire and gear to deck out your hero. From hairstyles to outfits, even accessories, you’ve got the freedom to design a character that resonates with your style.

Wonderers: Eternal World CostumesWonderers: Eternal World Costumes
Image via Smilegate

Whether you’re into classic fantasy themes or prefer a contemporary look, blend these elements to curate a hero that’s entirely your own. Dive into this mesmerizing world and unleash your creativity

List of Game Modes in Wonderers: Eternal World

1. Gold Mode

Gold Mode in Wonderers: Eternal World is an intense PvP arena where the goal is to be the first to gather 9,999 Gold. But there’s more to it than just collecting riches; you can also spend your hard-earned Gold strategically to bolster your strength. It’s a mode that demands not just quick thinking but also clever tactics to outwit your opponents and seize victory.

2. Glitch Mode

Glitch Mode, on the other hand, is a thrilling PvE adventure resembling a roguelike dungeon crawl. As you journey through its rooms, you’ll stumble upon various rewards designed to aid you in your quest. The ultimate objective is to navigate through this maze-like dungeon, clearing rooms and facing off against powerful bosses to emerge victorious. Each room holds surprises and challenges, making every step in this mode an intriguing part of your journey.

Wonderers: Eternal World Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Break the Treasure Chest regularly

In Gold Mode, prioritize breaking the Treasure chest that appears at the center of the map. Remember, the objective isn’t solely about securing kills; it’s to accumulate 9,999 gold. Focusing on the treasure chest gives you a significant boost towards this target, so keep your eyes on the prize!

2. Take advantage of Traps

When navigating the battlefield, keep an eye out for traps strategically positioned across different areas. These traps might vary, from pitfalls to explosive hazards. Utilize your hero’s skills and movements to tactically guide opponents into these traps, turning the environment into your ally during combat situations.

3. Watch out for the Floor turning Red

Stay alert for warnings or red floors in Gold Clash. These indicate imminent collapses at set intervals. Avoid these areas to keep your hero safe during the match. Being aware of these signals ensures you’re mobile and ready to fight without being caught off guard by the collapsing terrain.

4. Experiment with Heroes

Try out different heroes in Wonderers: Eternal World, each with its own special elemental powers. Experimenting with these different powers helps you find the best tactics that fit how you like to play. It’s not just about sticking to one hero; trying different elemental abilities gives you more ways to fight and win.

5. Follow Wonder License for better progression

Take on the Wonder License missions not just for rewards but also to explore and uncover more about the game’s universe. These missions unlock hidden advantages and insights as you complete various categories, giving you an edge beyond the rewards themselves.

Final Thoughts

As you step into Wonderers: Eternal World, the journey ahead is boundless. With captivating game modes, and a realm ripe for exploration, each moment is filled with new wonders. Whether you’re just starting or already familiar, the guide equips you with essential tips for an exciting adventure. Set forth, uncover the mysteries, and let Wonderers: Eternal World take you on an exhilarating ride!

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