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Eggdog Scramble 2 Smash Preview

This January we’re going to see quite a few major fighting game events take place. There are other fighters with major events, but one of the most fun is going to be in Smash. The Eggdog Scramble 2 tournament is taking place over the weekend with some of the top players attending.

Eggdog Scramble is a new tournament taking place this weekend in Vancouver Canada. There’s a nice prize pool available, plus we’re going to see some fun match ups. There are major events like the Tekken World Tour Finals this weekend. However, it’s always great to see some new events for Super Smash Bros too. This is what we can expect at Eggdog Scramble 2.

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Eggdog Scramble 2

Eggdog Scramble 2 is going to be a national-level Smash event, focusing mainly on Melee. It’s being put on by both Eggdog Esports and Galint Gaming. It’s all going to be happening over January 13, with a $1,995 Canadian prize pool. It’ll be organized in a familiar format for Smash tournaments, with a pools round followed by a Singles bracket.

The tournament is the latest from Eggdog. It has a focus on Melee, the older game still active for Smash Bros. We won’t see Ultimate here. However, there’s still plenty happening in this title.

In Melee though, there are some of the best Smash Bros players turning up. At the event, we’re seeing the two players facing each other who have been in competition for the no.1 slot lately. Cody Schwab and Zain. As well as them, there are tons of impressive names here. There’s moky, Aklo, Salt, and Zamu all attending.

We’ll see some of the top players competing here. It’ll be interesting to see which one of them claims victory. Especially as there’s room for an upset here with so many high-ranking players at Eggdog Scramble 2.

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