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Top 10 Best Strikers (ST) to have in your squad

EA Sports FC Mobile recently had its highly anticipated worldwide release, bringing a host of changes, including improved gameplay, updated commentary, and a revamped user interface. With the commencement of a new season, teams are actively coming together, and it’s a well-known fact that the best teams often emerge as winners. For players, their primary focus consistently revolves around strengthening their attacking lineup, making strikers their top priority. So, let’s delve into a detailed discussion of the top 10 best Strikers (ST) in FC Mobile.

Top 10 Best Strikers (ST) EA Sports FC Mobile

The list doesn’t necessarily have to include only ST (Striker) players; it can also consist of players designated as CF (Center Forward) if they are found to be suitable for the striker role. So, let us look at the list of the strikers you should get to your squad.

1. Ronaldo

  • Position: ST
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 5/5
Ronaldo FC MobileRonaldo FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

There should be no doubts about this choice, as he has proven himself as one of the finest strikers both in real life and within the game. With exceptional stats in FC Mobile, he may not be an easy pick, but you can acquire him for a reasonable 28 to 30 million in the market, and he’s guaranteed to deliver more value than the amount you invest in him.

2. Samuel Eto’o

  • Position: ST
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 4/4
Eto'o FC MobileEto'o FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

You won’t likely be disappointed with this choice either, even though he’s another legendary card, which might be a bit challenging to obtain. He’s an excellent selection with his 4-star weak foot and 4 skill moves. Eto’o‘s impressive finishing skills and a good shot from a distance will undoubtedly benefit your team by contributing to goals.

3. Marcus Thuram

  • Position: ST
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 3/3
Thuram Thuram
Image via RenderZ/EA

You might be surprised to see him on this list, just as I was when I had the chance to play with him. His potential downside might be the weak foot and skill moves, but he truly shines in the shooting department. He’s a physical powerhouse, allowing you to fend off other players, create space, and deliver powerful shots with finesse.

4. Alexander Isak

  • Position: ST, LW
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 4/5
Isak FC MobileIsak FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

The Newcastle United player may not boast impressive stats, but his remarkable on-field performances are sure to catch your eye. With no weak foot and strong ball control, his pace is his standout attribute. You can count on Isak to be in the right place at the right time during counter-attacks, making him a valuable asset in the striker position.

5. Kolo Muani

  • Position: ST, RM
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 4/4
Image via RenderZ/EA

Adding another rapid option to your squad, Muani‘s standout quality is his exceptional awareness off the ball. Physical attributes aren’t a worry even with a not-so-impressive look, as he gets it away with so many abilities on the ball. While he might be a bit on the pricier side due to high demand, if you already have him, it’s worth giving some thought before considering listing him.

6. Diego Jota

  • Position: CF, LW
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 4/5
Jota FC MobileJota FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

He might not be familiar with the striker position, but boy, is he a gem to your squad. His exceptional finishing skills, characterized by the impressive power behind his shots, make him a standout player. Considering his keen positional awareness, it would be in his best interest to utilize him at ST in FC Mobile.

7. Arnaut Danjuma

  • Position: ST, LM
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 4/4
Image via RenderZ/EA

Danjuma has become a rising star in the game and is steadily gaining recognition in the market with his prices slowly increasing, making him one of the best strikers in FC Mobile. His abilities reach another level when upgraded, and I was personally amazed at just how impressive this card is. Don’t miss out on the hype train – get on board!

8. Antoine Griezmann

  • Position: ST, CF
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 4/3
Griezmann FC MobileGriezmann FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

Griezmann has consistently been one of the top players in the game for quite some time, and he remains outstanding in this year’s version too. His real-life prowess in positional awareness is accurately reflected in the game by finding space well and operating centrally. His power on the ball is fantastic, which makes him a reliable choice for scoring long-range shots.

9. Openda

  • Position: ST
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 3/4
Openda FC MobileOpenda FC Mobile
Image via RenderZ/EA

Here’s another name you might not be very familiar with, but in the game, you’ve likely noticed his exceptional performance. He’s an incredibly fast player, and his pace is what truly allows him to excel as a striker. Openda can be an excellent choice for you if you’re a fan of speedy strikers who benefit from wingers doing the groundwork.

10. Ben Yedder

  • Position: ST
  • Skill Moves/Weak Foot: 4/5
Yedder Yedder
Image via RenderZ/EA

This guy has a lot of suitors in the market sure, but he is one striker players are underutilizing. He might not boast the strongest stats, but he is a man on the pitch. Performs better than the stats at the base level, and with training, he becomes more destructive. A pick to look out for surely.

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What are your thoughts on this best Strikers (ST) list of EA Sports FC Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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