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The Finals players call for devs to bring “big brained” solution to frustrating VRs limit

Joseph Pascoulis

The Finals players are not too happy with the limit cap on the in-game VR currency, so they’ve come up with a way for the devs to improve it.

Embark Studios’ The Finals has a lot to offer, from compelling, intense game modes to a variety of Contestant builds and weapons to master.

In order to unlock all of the weapons, Gadgets, and Specilizations in The Finals, you’ll need to earn VR, which is one of the currencies in The Finals. You can then purchase items in the Equipment section of the main menu, where Gadgets, Specializations, and weapons differ in price.

Some cost as much as 1000 VRs, while others cost 800. You can earn VR by completing matches, with the amount varying based on factors such as performance and game length.

There is a cap on the amount of VR you can hold, which is 3,000. Once you reach this cap, you will need to spend it in order to earn more. This influences players to spend their VR more often, rather than holding a huge stack of the currency.

However, some in the community are not happy with the cap, as once everything has been unlocked, there isn’t anything to spend it on and you’re just stuck on 3,000. Reddit user ‘Fly1ng_nem0’ suggested that the devs “remove this limit or put something new on store.”

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Others agree in the comments, with many making suggestions for what the devs could do to improve the system so that players are still using the currency even after they have unlocked everything.

One The Finals player came up with a way to solve this issue, suggesting that the devs allow players to spend “500 VRs to re-roll challenges.” The user felt that this was an “easy solution to all the excess VRs” that players are accumulating.

In fact, others in the comments agreed, as one user responded, “This is [a] big brained solution yes,” while another said, “Yes, absolutely yes.”

Similarly, some even suggested that the devs allow players to “exchange” them for Multibucks, the game’s premium currency, however, this is highly unlikely. Embark want people to spend money on their game, so creating a way for the playerbase to earn Multibucks for free wouldn’t suit their free-to-play model.

The Finals will likely go through many changes throughout its lifespan, and as the FPS title is still fairly fresh, perhaps Embark are already coming up with ways to solve this issue and many others.

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