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Starfield bug turns player into Jack Sparrow and they love it

Souhardya Choudhury

Starfield players have been coming across plenty of bugs and glitches during their playthrough since launch, however, one hilarious bug turns them into none other than Captain Jack Sparrow.

Bethesda invested almost a decade into making Starfield and the game quickly became one of the most successful ventures by the devs. However, recently many have been unsatisfied with the gameplay, and almost every day a new complaint pops up in the community.

Amidst regular reports of bugs from Starfield players, one such glitch turned a player into Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe. Surprisingly, many rather enjoyed the bug and not many complained about it either.

Reddit user ‘guiyom01’ posted about this hilarious bug as they claimed how it turned them “into Jack Sparrow.” They were referring to the peculiar and iconic walking style of the pirate captain from the movies, with his arms raised flamboyantly.

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The glitch clearly amused players as some of them claimed they “want this” during their playthrough as well. Others sarcastically added one of the most iconic lines from the movies in Starfield terms as they said: “You are, without a doubt, the worst Starborn I have ever heard of.”

“But… Why is the rum gone…?” added another reply. The sarcasm did not stop there as players drew more references from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies by mentioning the famous jar of dirt in Starfield terms. They said: “Jar of dirt added to inventory.”

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In between all the fun among the players, the devs made sure to address the issue as well and they clarified this issue was caused by the players entering “a falling animation after exiting their ship” and they were still investigating it.

However, players did not want an end to the fun as they wanted a “way to replicate it” rather than getting a fix for it.

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