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Pokemon Go players outraged as shiny Legendary reportedly missing in Raids

Niladri Sarkar

Tornadus Therian Raids are up and running in Pokemon Go but it looks like Niantic may have forgotten to switch on the shiny availability of the Legendary Pokemon, leaving players furious with the devs.

Pokemon Go players can find the Legendary Tornadus Therian in 5-Star Raids and they have been eager to catch the shiny version of this powerful Pokemon as it has the Breakwind Storm signature move in its moveset.

But little did fans know that their grind would turn into a major disappointment as there have been zero reports of shiny Tornadus Therian encountered by the community. This has left fans fuming as Niantic might have not made the shiny version live in the mobile game.

Renowned Pokemon Go player ‘FleeceKing’ made a post on the X app (formerly Twitter) where they mentioned: “1k+ raids reported of Therian Tornadus with ZERO shinies encountered” while adding that they wasted their time in participating in the ongoing 5-Star Raids.

The popular player had also retweeted a post by a Japanese account with the handle ‘pokemongo_db’ which reported zero shiny Tornadus Therian encounters out of a whopping 1013 Raids.

A large number of Pokemon Go players took to the comments section to express their frustration with the turn of events.

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Users wrote: “Every new event/update I want to play this game less. Very annoying because I used to love this game” and “Thanks for the update, sadly that’s another reason to not spend any money on this game anymore.”

Another added: “How sad that it is not a surprise anymore… they managed to ‘forget’ it every single time.”

Fans are particularly unhappy as Niantic had also forgotten to make shiny Espeon and Umbreon available in the Lustrous Odyssey event, much to the ire of the Pokemon Go community.

That’s not all as a user stated that “Party Hat Raticate and Nidorino had their shinies [turned] off for the New Year event too!”

Shiny Pokemon are the most sought-after species in any Pokemon Go event or Raid and with so many instances of shinies being missing when they’re supposed to be available, players hope this isn’t a continuing trend in the game.

In the meantime, you can check out how to beat Tornadus Therian Raids and hope that the shiny is available soon in Pokemon Go. Additionally, check out what else the Timeless Travels season has to offer.

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