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An explosion in The Finals

How to one-shot nuke players in The Finals

Aakrit Sharma

The Finals grants you a ton of ways to outclass your opponents and one of them is by one-shotting them through a massive blast. If you’re struggling to take down enemies, here’s how to nuke and one-shot opponents in The Finals.

The Finals has three Contestants with diverse weapon options, Specializations, and Gadgets. There are many ways to use these items to your benefit, making every game seem like a new challenge.

Although the meta is fairly balanced during Season 1, certain strategies and weapons in the game are more reliable than others. This especially applies to the Heavy build, which has become a nightmare to face in higher-ranked lobbies because of their tanky HP and explosive damage.

On that note, let’s take a look at how you can nuke & one-shot opponents in The Finals.

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Although C4s can be attached to all barrels, but the red ones are recommended for the highest damage.

How to do the one-shot canister combo in The Finals

You can nuke & one-shot opponents in The Finals by selecting the Heavy build with the C4 Gadget and following these steps during the game:

  1. Find a red explosive or any barrel spread throughout the map.
  2. Equip the C4 gadget and throw it towards the barrel to attach it.
  3. Pick up the barrel and throw it toward an enemy/team.
  4. Right before the barrel is about to hit, trigger the C4.
  5. The explosion caused by the barrel and the C4 should be massive enough to one-shot any opponent and if you’re lucky enough, you can even eliminate an entire group of players with this strategy.

The nuke in The Finals also comes in handy if you want to quickly destroy the environment to get out of sticky situations or get to a better scouting point. Overall, the damage and the explosion are sure to intimidate your opponents, so don’t forget to try this out in your next game.

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Despite the nerfs to the C4’s damage, you can still one-shot opponents in The Finals with the trick mentioned above. If the developers nerf any of these items further, we’ll make sure to update this space so bookmark it and check back often.

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