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Forza Motorsport players slam Turn 10’s “horrible statement” addressing state of game

Aakash Regmi

On January 9, Turn 10 Studios made a blog post addressing some of the core issues plaguing Forza Motorsport. However, players think it was a “nothing” post that wasn’t made in good faith.  

Ever since its October 10 release, Forza Motorsport has released three massive updates, with one fixing over 200 bugs. All the patches Microsoft’s circuit racer has received so far haven’t yet fixed the biggest frustrations expressed by players, but following months of outcry, Turn 10 have finally addressed them in their January community update.

The blog post talks about AI and car progression, which are two of the biggest criticisms the game received following its release, alongside Forza Race Regulation.

Few players have appreciated the commitment made by Turn 10 to turn things around following a poor release. Others have said that the game needs so many fixes it should never have been released in the first place, calling the pre-launch marketing “misleading” and the latest statement “all filler.”

On X (formerly Twitter), a user wrote, “How about thoroughly testing a game and fixing the major bugs *before* launch?”

Some users called out Forza Motorsport for claiming the progression system was “divisive” even though it was one of the major criticisms, “I wanna meet the people who enjoy having to spend 3 to 4 hours driving to max out a car.”

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Another player said, “Love how you guys advertised these three as the best things about the game and they’re the first 3 you’re talking about fixing cause they’re broken.”

Elsewhere on Reddit, the sentiment was the same, as a user wrote, “From what I read there, they addressed nothing and mentioned no changes. It’s all filler.” Many demanded a proper apology, saying, “They’re using extremely fluffy wordage to tiptoe around the fact they completely beefed it. How about an apology?”

Others more or less said they didn’t like what had been communicated, describing it as a “Horrible statement.” While it appears some of the biggest complaints from the player base won’t be fixed anytime soon, Turn 10’s acknowledgment means they’re at least working towards a fix.

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