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Eggy Party Outta This World

Eggy Party brings Outta This World seasonal event with new maps, outfits, and more

NetEase Games expresses enthusiasm for unveiling the soft launch of Eggy Party across additional countries in 2024. This launch coincides with the introduction of the interstellar Outta This World season. Eggy Party presents a lively and engaging multiplayer experience designed for mobile platforms.

Participants engage in competitive minigames across dynamic maps, striving to outlast their opponents and secure victory as the final remaining Eggy. Alongside the competitive gameplay, there exists a creative aspect where users craft stages within the Eggy Workshop, share their creations online, and personalize their Eggies with a range of vibrant accessories and gear.

Eggy Party unveils Outta this World season in seven new countries

The launch of Eggy Party in Canada, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Norway, Spain, and Sweden, featuring both English and Spanish language options, marks its soft debut for the new year. Players joining from these regions can dive into the Outta This World seasonal events, aligning with participants from other nations. This special season will span until February 23, 2024, promising a range of sci-fi rewards.

Outta This World introduces eight fresh stages within Eggy Party, such as Lunar Adventure, Space Station Escape, and Ring Track. Moreover, a Season Mystery Box will house exclusive gear like Vidi, the Mechanic; Lycra, the Astronaut; Bay, the Space Captain; and more for players to uncover.

Eggy Party Outta This World season party pass
Image via NetEase

Dedicated Eggy Party enthusiasts can amplify their experience by acquiring a Party Pass. This pass unlocks Activity Tasks that yield fantastic rewards, including outfits like Bert, the Inventor; Crunchy, the Radish Gardener; Blast, the Dean of Corn; and Dumber, the Rookie, alongside additional in-game currency. Any leftover experience from the prior Season Party Pass will automatically convert to Fashion Badges during server maintenance for players.

Outta This World season unveils exciting challenges and rewards for players

In this season of interstellar exploration, the Outta This World Season introduces a set of activities for participants. Upon completing these tasks tied to the seasonal event, individuals unlock various rewards, spanning attire and accessories such as the Inventor Glasses and Treasure. For those seeking the ultimate challenge, the Outta This World Seasonal Ranked Party beckons. Successful completion of the Egg Rank Tasks earns participants exclusive gear like the Marathon Outfit, Studded Bag, and Space Walk Avatar Frame.

A special event scheduled for January presents an opportunity for players to win the coveted Meow-meow Sprout outfit. As of now, players can vie for this adorable attire by investing 1 Shiny Coin per attempt. The gameplay involves using Shiny Coins strategically to progress, leading to rewards like additional Shiny Coins, Bottle Caps, Fashion Badges, Mystery Box Dye, Accessory Dye, and, ultimately, the Meow-meow Sprout Outfit.

Eggy Party celebrates the new year with a Map Creation contest and special rewards

The Eggy Party enthusiasts are currently engaged in a specialized event known as the New Year Map Creation Contest. This contest, active until January 11, 2024, is centered around community-generated fun maps, offering unique rewards for the best creations.

To join in, participants are required to craft a map that aligns with the designated theme and share it using the hashtag #NewYearMapContest in the description. Afterward, they must submit the map details along with a corresponding screenshot in the specified channel on the Eggy Party Discord. Rewards await the top 20 maps that gather more than 50 likes, with Egg Coins as the prize, while maps exceeding 10 likes will earn 100 Fashion Badges.

Furthermore, players residing in recently added regions can partake in the Eggy Party x Bubble Eggs crossover event, making a return to the game. This event introduces the delightful Bubble Eggs to Eggy Island, unveiling a fresh limited-time outfit – the Rainbow Bubble Egg. During this event, participants will enjoy a 20% discount on the purchase of Bubble Eggs and Rainbow Bubble Eggs.

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