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Marks Angry Review

Best Mobile Survival Games – Marks Angry Review

Survival is a natural part of being human, which is one reason why survival games are so popular. It’s fun for us to let that side of ourselves show through these games. By playing survival games, we can see how we’d handle different kinds of dangerous situations and see if we have the skills to get out alive. There are a lot of these games for mobile devices, but only a few stand out. You’ll have to show what you can do in these survival games. We chose the ones that we thought would be challenging enough and have a lot of different choices. Here are the best mobile survival games for me.


Frostborn survival mobile gameFrostborn survival mobile game

Unlike most survival games, Frostborn has both co-op and MMORPG aspects. The story takes place in Midgard, a desolate ancient land that used to be inhabited by Vikings but is now empty and dark because of the goddess Hel.

Retake Midgard by gathering enough food and resources and making enough weapons and gear to fight off the army of the dead and protect yourself. In addition to all the chaos, you will need to keep other players from getting to your supplies and base. In the many difficulties that lie ahead, show that you are the strongest, and rule like a real Viking.

Developers: Kefir!

Platforms: Android, iOS

Initial release date: October 17, 2020

Days After

Days AfterDays After

Days After is a zombie survival game with a name that you may have heard before. In a world full of zombies after the end of the world, the most important thing is to stay living. Everything else doesn’t matter when zombies are after your blood and brains. A zombie apocalypse is scary. You’re not the only one going through this nightmare, thank goodness. You can join forces with other survivors to go to new places, complete tasks, fight zombies, and find out what caused the end of the world.


Platforms: Android, iOS

Initial release date: 11/20/2019

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival EvolvedArk: Survival Evolved

Okay, let’s go even further back in time—to a time before people lived on Earth. When you play Ark: Survival Evolved, you go to a world full of dinosaurs. If you thought it was hard to survive at Scout’s camp, this one will wake you up. When should you yell “I’m a survivor?” Now is the time. Since you’re probably all by yourself, no one will tell you to shut up, except maybe a dinosaur, who might tell you to shut up by eating you. Ark is a standard mobile survival game in that you have to look for food and other resources and build a camp. Also, what you wear needs to be changed because the heat and cold are just as likely to kill you as a dinosaur.

Developers: Studio Wildcard, Grove Street Games, Abstraction, MORE

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Android

Initial release date: June 2, 2015

Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad

Raft Survival: Ocean NomadRaft Survival: Ocean Nomad

After a plane crash, you are stuck in the middle of the ocean with only a raft to keep you alive. If you get stuck in the middle of the ocean, you need more than just food and water to stay alive. The sun’s heat, bad weather, and shark attacks are all dangers. By collecting different kinds of natural materials and ocean trash, you’ll be able to make the things you need to keep yourself safe on your raft. Raft Survival makes you feel and see what it would be like to be stuck in the middle of the ocean. Find out how far you could go if you lived on the ocean.

Developers: Survival Games Ltd

Platforms: Android, iOS

Initial release date: Dec 21, 2017

Last Pirate: Survival Island

Last Pirate: Survival IslandLast Pirate: Survival Island

You start this pirate survival adventure on a lost island by yourself and with nothing. The island is full of bears, skeletons, zombies, and even sea monsters. Your mission is to stay alive and gather enough supplies to get off the terrible island.

As you move around the island, you’ll need to make weapons and items and finish challenges to level up and gain experience. Get off the island, fix up your pirate ship, and then start your journey across the deep blue sea again.

Developers: RetroStyle Games UA

Platforms: Android, iOS

Initial release date: 01/19/2019

Radiation City Free

Radiation City FreeRadiation City Free

After forty years have passed since the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, something terrible happens that brings you to the small city of Pripyat. After the event, the area is full of strange things, like animals that aren’t humans that roam the open world. Find things to help you protect yourself from unknown creatures. You’ll have a great time exploring the post-apocalyptic Radiation City, which is full of lots of strange and scary things to find. We hope that Chernobyl will be brought back to its former greatness.

Developers: Atypical Games

Platforms: Android

Initial release date: Jun 13, 2019

Westland Survival

Westland SurvivalWestland Survival

Check out if you have what it takes to be a cowboy in a small western town full of thieves. You’ll start from scratch and have to find enough materials to build a home and make money to move forward. Once everything is ready, you can ride your horse across the vast land and take care of the sheriff’s bounty.

With Westland Survival’s online multiplayer mode, you can go on a wild ride with your friends through the dusty roads and fight the dangerous bandits. You need to show that you deserve to be a cowboy and become a hero in the Wild West.

Developers: Helio Games

Platforms: Android, iOS

Initial release date: August 2, 2018

The Last Fortress: Underground

The Last Fortress: UndergroundThe Last Fortress: Underground

You will build a castle from scratch with other survivors to protect yourself from the zombies that have taken over the world. You’ll meet survivors of the stronghold, and each one has their special skills that will help keep people alive. There are doctors, miners, troops, and more. Take in as many refugees as you can and put together the best team to handle different scenarios.

Last Fortress: Underground does a great job of lowering the stress by adding funny dialogue at key points in the game. Laughter is a good way to deal with the stress of living in a world full of zombies, after all. Build and run a thriving town, get rid of the zombies, and save all of humanity!

Developers: IM30

Platforms: Android, iOS

Initial release date: September 30, 2021

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Don't Starve: Pocket EditionDon't Starve: Pocket Edition

The rough, storybook-like graphics in Don’t Starve give the game a scary vibe. Even though figures with odd body shapes might look funny, the dark side of the game is always just around the corner. Even though you know you’re going to die, you’ll try to stay alive by gathering food, finding supplies, and keeping your fire going.

Don’t Starve makes you want to explore and try new things. The dark graphics from a storybook make the mood as scary as the best horror games. The first time your fire goes out will give you chills. However, you’ll quickly learn how to play, and before you know it, you’ll be lost in the game’s great story.

Developers: Klei Entertainment

Platforms: Android, iOS

Initial release date: January 7, 2014

Zgirls 2-Last One

Zgirls 2-Last OneZgirls 2-Last One

A zombie survival game with other people that looks like an anime? It doesn’t get any better than that. The animations in Zgirls 2-Last One are so good that you’ll feel like you’re playing an action-packed cartoon TV show. This way of playing makes the life-threatening part of the game a lot less scary and a lot more interesting. You play as a cool robotic girl in a world full of zombies whose only goal is to stay alive. You can do this by collecting resources all over the map, making gear, building shelters, hunting for food, and getting cool tools that will help you kill zombies. Also, keep an eye out for other people who want to steal your stuff. To have a better chance of staying alive, join a group and work with other players to face any threats that come your way.

Developers: Star Ring Game Limited

Platforms: Android, iOS

Initial release date: Jun 18, 2020

The Wild Darkness

The Wild Darkness mobile survival gameThe Wild Darkness mobile survival game

It’s a roguelike game called The Wild Darkness, and it takes place in a strange dark world. You wake up in the middle of the forest and have no memory of anything. You have to get used to your new surroundings and start over. Remember, though, that you only get one shot at it. Putting the saying “we only get one life” into practice, if you die, you have to start over.

When you start over, you’re taken to a new map instead of the one you were on before. This makes the game more challenging than just memorizing the levels to get through them. You are going to play this game like your life depends on it. But don’t worry, some tips will help you get better as you play. How long can you stay alive in the wild? Find out the truth about how you got to where you are now.

Developers: PoPeyed Inc

Platforms: Android, iOS

Initial release date: April 27, 2020

Gladiators: Survival In Rome

Gladiators: Survival In Rome mobile gameGladiators: Survival In Rome mobile game

Survival and camp-building are both parts of the action role-playing game Gladiators: Survival in Rome. But what will hook you on the game is its exciting story. Go back in time and get rid of the greedy Roman leaders who are trying to rule the Empire like a tyrant.

You are on the run from a cruel army, and your job is to keep yourself healthy and help survivors and innocent people avoid being captured. To rebuild a free city, you must make friends, kill enemies, gather resources, and work together. Get better and better until you’re the best warrior on the field.

Developers: Colossi Games

Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows

Initial release date: Apr 13, 2023

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation mobile survival gameAlien: Isolation mobile survival game

In Alien: Isolation, one of the scariest games out there, you are trapped on a space station that has become a mess and the title Alien is after you. The AI is what makes this game stand out, even though the game itself is scary enough.

The rules of most survival games can be learned and used in new ways over time. To stay alive in Alien: Isolation, you’ll have to keep adapting. The Alien learns from what you do, so you can’t keep using the same trick because it will figure it out. For instance, if you like to hide in cabinets, the Alien will always go straight for them. If the other games on this list are too easy for you, play this one.

Developers: Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive

Platforms: Android, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Initial release date: October 6, 2014


Crashlands mobile survival gameCrashlands mobile survival game

Crashlands has so many different types of games that it’s hard to keep track of them all. There’s survival, action, adventure, role-playing, and even monster collection. A trucker from another galaxy gets lost on a strange planet and the game is about him. It’s your job to fight bad guys, build a base, find lost goods, and keep the world safe from harm. You can make more than 500 different items, and you can even tame animals to fight with you. Since you won’t die if you don’t eat, purists might not like this one as much as others. But you can hunt monsters, collect items, build a house, and make items, and all of these features work better than in most other games. You can also save your work to the cloud and get awards. The price is fair, and it’s one of the coolest survival games out there. Additionally, if you have Google Play Pass, this one is free as well.

Developers: Butterscotch Shenanigans

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, Xbox One, iOS, Linux

Initial release date: January 21, 2016

Day R Survival

Day R Survival mobile gameDay R Survival mobile game

Another great paid survival game is Day R Survival. It takes place in the USSR this time. It has about 2,700 places on a huge map, a lot of things to find, and a pretty good survival experience. You have to keep from getting hungry, stay alive, and stay away from radiation as much as possible. You can also level up skills like shelter, mechanics, science, and more in an RPG-style system. For how cheap it is, it’s a survival game with a lot of depth. It should be fun for a while.

Developers: TLT GEIMS

Platforms: Android, iOS

Initial release date: Feb 2, 2016

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the world of mobile survival games is always changing, with new games coming out all the time. If you want to find the best survival games, you should look at player reviews, changes, and the features that you like. Always keep an eye out for new releases and changes to make sure you’re playing the newest and best mobile survival games.

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