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Top 5 upcoming GTA-like mobile games to keep an eye on

If you’ve dabbled in the world of GTA and its mobile counterparts, then brace yourself for more such titles offering the same experience. Imagine crazy car chases, building your empire, and diving into open-world adventures, all on your phone. Get set for exciting stories, fast pursuits, and a chance to live a wild life on your mobile. Let’s check out the Top 5 upcoming GTA-like mobile games that you shouldn’t miss out on when they release.

Top 5 upcoming GTA-like mobile games

The games mentioned are in development and are yet to be launched at the time of this article’s publishing. It’s crucial to mention that these games boast open-world features, providing a GTA-like experience. We do have some picks to choose from when we consider GTA-type games on mobile, so do check them out.

While they deliver similar thrills, it’s important to note that they may not perfectly replicate the original. If you’re curious about existing games, we’ve already compiled a list of the Top 10 GTA-like mobile games for you to explore. Give it a read to discover the games already available on your device.

1. Project MUGEN

Our top pick is Project MUGEN by NetEase Games, an upcoming urban open-world game hitting Mobile, PC, and PS4/5 with a cool cross-platform feature. Dubbed the Anime version of GTA, it offers a detailed, lively world with interactive NPCs and resembles a 2D style of art with 3D graphics where you can engage in a free combat system.

Set in a universe where humans coexist with supernatural beings, players take on the roles of mythical beings known as the Infinite Trigger. The game is all about solving mysteries, savoring urban life, and forging strong bonds. As you play, you’ll unravel lost memories, tackle challenges in different cities, and unveil the secrets to save the world. Exciting, right?

2. Mayanagari

Mayanagari, an Indian-themed gangster game developed by Hypernova Interactive, would be the closest to the GTA experience, I should say. Currently available for pre-registration on Android, Mayanagari, meaning City of Dreams, promises a full exploration of its open-world setting. The developer claims it to be India’s first 3D open-world gangster title, offering an Indian experience with characters, music, and ambiance.

Set in Bombay and Goa, the game follows a rising criminal aspiring to become the city’s undisputed gangster, featuring Hindi language, Bollywood-style cutscenes, and a third-person shooter style. With over ten missions, 15 Indian vehicles, and a property management system, Mayanagari aims to deliver a captivating and culturally rich gaming experience upon launch.

3. Gangstar New York

Renowned for titles like Gangstar New Orleans and Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime, Gameloft is gearing up for another hit, Gangstar New York. Set in a city dominated by Aurora, Inc., a tech conglomerate with a watchful algorithmic surveillance network, the plot unfolds during 20-minute camera intervals turned off for experimental technological initiatives.

Gangstar New YorkGangstar New York
Image via Gameloft

Aspiring gangsters then engage in citywide crime competitions, collecting cash stored in a unique money bag worn as a backpack. Stealing from others and defeating rivals add to the riches, with the winner earning the coveted title of Gangstar, complete with fame and accolades. The game will introduce Online PvP and full controller support upon launch, and this looks very exciting already.


NEWRP, short for NEW Role Play, emerges as an ambitious open-world RPG that channels captivating GTA vibes. Currently open for closed beta registration, NEWRP promises an expansive open world, featuring a vast game map with diverse factions and boundless gameplay possibilities. Your virtual character’s destiny is entirely in your hands, shaped by your choices, offering full control over their fate.

From the showcased gameplay, it features stunning graphics in both third-person and first-person perspectives with an adjustable view for an enhanced experience. The game goes beyond land, offering air and water transport as well. With these features, the GTA influence is evident, and NEWRP has piqued the interest of eager players awaiting its full release.

5. VibeCity Mobile

Well, we have one more coming to the scene in the name of VibeCity. It promises to offer an GTA-like experience, aiming to add itself as one of the best options on mobile giving a GTA experience upon its global launch.

VibeCity Game cover Android iOSVibeCity Game cover Android iOS
Image via VibeCity

The visuals are impressive, offering a solid in-game experience with fantastic assets, especially in the presentation of cars, providing a console-like feel. The possibility of using multiple vehicles adds to the appeal. Character details are scarce, but the core gameplay appears to involve playing in the third-person, with character progression being a significant aspect.

What are your thoughts on this list of top 5 upcoming mobile games like GTA? Which of them looks the best? Let us know in the comments section below.

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