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How to detect opponents in The Finals

Aakrit Sharma

One of the biggest highlights of The Finals Season 1 is the Battle Pass and you can complete a wide range of Contracts to level it up. If you want to complete the Serve and Detect daily Contract, here’s how to detect enemies in The Finals.

The Finals is a free-to-play title but like any other game with no entry barrier, it features micro-transactions and a paid Battle Pass that contains a wide range of cosmetics for your Contestants. Having said that, the grind to fully level up the Battle Pass can be tedious, and you might want to focus on completing the daily and weekly Contracts for XP.

A daily Challenge that you’ll get too often in the game is Serve and Detect. It requires you to detect 5 opponents and there are plenty of ways to do so.

On that note, here’s how to detect enemies in The Finals to complete the Serve and Detect challenge as well as be on the top of your game.

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The Medium build in The Finals is quicker than Heavy and tankier than Light.

How to detect enemies in The Finals

You can detect 5 opponents in The Finals and complete the Serve and Detect challenge by using the Sonar Grenade Gadget exclusive to Medium build. Add it to your loadout through the Contestants section on the main screen and use it in areas like Cashout stations where you’ll most likely find some enemies.

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It is worth noting that other revealing items that can counter the Cloaking Device like Recon Senses and Thermal Vision do not add to your challenge progress and for now, only the enemies detected through Sonar Grenade are tracked.

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Best tips to complete ‘Detect 5 opponents’ challenge in The Finals

If you’re struggling to use the Sonar Grenade effectively and detect 5 opponents in The Finals, here are some tips that’ll come in handy:

  • Sonar Grenades bounce off walls, so make sure to use this property to make the grenade reach rather tricky spots.
  • Throw the Sonar Grenade at opponents reviving their teammates which can help you get two detects quickly.
  • Cashout stations, closed regions, and vaults are some of the best places to throw a Sonar Grenade as you’ll find the most opponents here.

How to use Sonar Grenade in The Finals

Sonar Grenade in The Finals emits a pulse in a small AoE revealing enemies and it goes beyond walls as well. Any opponent revealed by this pulse gets a ‘Detected’ message on their screen and it adds to your progress in the ‘Detect 5 opponents’ challenge.

The Sonar Grenade is easily one of the best counters for Light players using the Cloaking Device and a great way to find enemies inside smokes. The only thing you need to be careful about is the grenade’s range as wrong placement can instantly make the item useless.

The Finals players have complained about the rigorous Battle Pass grind in Season 1 as challenges like the one mentioned above as well as Covert Operator and Carried Away have rather unclear directions. If the developers change the way how these challenges work, we’ll make sure to update this space so make sure to bookmark it and check back.

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