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Farlight 84 Hunt Mode

Farlight 84 Beginners Guide and Tips

Farlight 84 is the newest addition to the world of online multiplayer survival-based games. The game comes up with great graphics and great in-game features that make the players enthusiastic about the game itself. Farlight 84 is just like all other famous online multiplayer survival-based games such as Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. It also comes up with amazing guns and other affinities along with vehicles that also have unique features. Thus, let us dig right into Farlight 84 Beginners Guide and know about this game in more detail. 

Gameplay Overview 

Just like other survival games, Farlight 84 also follows up the same meta and gameplay mechanics. At first, the players need to start the game in the Lobby section and then the matchmaking process will begin. The matchmaking process will lead players to join up a match and then the game will throw the players into an Island. Remember, every team or squad can have only 4 players. These players can be random or your friends. After waiting for a minute players will then move to the main map of the game in their air balloons. 

Farlight 84 Beginners GuideFarlight 84 Beginners Guide
Image via Farlight Games

After this, players need to just select an area or location where players and their teammates can have proper loot that will then help the players survive in the match. Loots include many important aspects such as Guns, Pistols, Grenades, Health Kits, Energy Boosters, Bandages, and many more. Players will thus get down to their location by simply jumping from the plane and then they have to use the joystick so that the players can head towards their location and at last land safely with the help of their parachutes. 

Farlight 84 Beginners GuideFarlight 84 Beginners Guide
Image via Farlight Games

Players need to get all the necessary guns, ammo, and all other required things, complete their loot, and then the whole team has to fight against other players to survive properly in the game. If the team survives till the end, they will be thus declared the winner of that match and will end up getting rewards for the win as well. The best player out of the four-man squad gets the title of MVP due to the excellence shown during the game. 

Introducing the basics of Farlight 84


The game has numerous characters who come up with many intellectual abilities and wonderful stats. Players can easily buy out new characters with the help of in-game currencies and thus use them in the match. Players can thus, select the required character before starting the match and then they can start with the game. Here is the list of characters players will witness over the game:

  • Momoi
  • Watchman
  • Captain
  • Maggie
  • MK. R
  • Lucinda
  • Ember
  • Phantom 
  • Syfer
  • Ceanna
  • Yong
  • Sunil
  • Ducksyde
  • Beau
  • Maychelle


The Mission section comes up with another section namely, Progression. Players need to play matches, and gain EXPs and thus players can earn extraordinary rewards such as gun skins, in-game currencies, vehicle skins, and many more. This will also help players to get a level up of their profile and thus players can play with for interest. 

Farlight 84 Beginners GuideFarlight 84 Beginners Guide
Image via Farlight Games

The Progression also follows up with the main character the player uses. The character will eventually get leveled up and thus many more features will get unlocked as the player plays more with the character. 

Friends and Clan 

The Friends section is considered the most important section of the game because people love to play online multiplayer survival-based games with their fellow friends. Thus, this section will help players to play with their friends, maybe reel or real, and thus enjoy the adventure all together. 

The clan is just the section where players can form a clan or join up a clan that will eventually help players to get some help and points from other clan members and thus it helps a lot in the progression of the players as well. 

Guns and Utilities

As a battle royale survival-based game, it is very obvious that there will be many interesting guns in the game that will help players knock out other players. Thus here is the list of guns players can mainly witness over the game:

Image via Farlight Games
  • Hound
  • Porcupine
  • White Dwarf
  • Stellar Wind
  • Defender
  • Generator
  • Invader
  • Fanatic
  • BAR95
  • MF18
  • M4
  • AK77
  • UMP99
  • Mad Rabbit
  • Jupiter-6
  • Mad Rat
  • VSS
  • UZI
  • Ancient Star
  • Rhino
  • MG-7

Players can also easily level up the weapons without any issues by following only a few steps. This is not a step to be precise, players can easily level up the required guns by just playing more with them in the games. This will help players to get weapon XPs and thus with the help of these weapon XPs players can easily level up the desired guns. 

Farlight 84 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Choosing the Right Character

Farlight 84 is like Apex Legends when it comes to characters. There are presently a total of 14 heroes, every character comes up with many extraordinary skills. Every character has three special abilities which are ultimate, tactical, and passive. The heroes are also labeled with the aid of various roles such as assault, defense, scout, and support.

Each squad member ought to pick a hero and remember that your squad needs to be balanced using together with heroes with specific roles. if your group is new, you may take one of every position. Thus in this way, you’ll have a balanced squad that’s equally precise at scouting, attacking, or even defending while required.

2. Picking up the Best Gun 

Guns are one of the most important aspects players can look out for in the game. Every hero or character comes up with a different set of HP or health levels, and thus to counter that and knock out your opponent’s character, every player must pick up the best possible gun in the game. The better the gun is, the higher the chance to take down the enemy.

Unlike PUBGM, players here have a heavy shield, and thus due to that, you cannot take down your opponent with a single shot. For that players have to go for a good gun. Thus, go through the stats of all the guns and pick up the best one from the map while looting to rule over the match. 

3. Complete the Progression section 

By completing the tasks assigned in the Progression section players can easily level up their characters and thus unlock many more exciting rewards and gain a wholesome amount of EXPs as well. This will majorly help players to level up their profiles and get many more benefits as well. Players must thus start completing the Progression for all the characters they hold, it will eventually level up the characters too. 

4. Play according to your Squad’s strengths

Playing the match by coordinating well with your squad is key to your victory. Every teammate must decide on character according to their preferred roles and then make a balanced team so that every player can help out each other when they are in serious need. By this, players can easily get victories over the matches and thus the whole team will contribute in a balanced way and every player will get a lot of worthy rewards after completing the matches. 

5. Keep Unlocking more Characters

As beginners, players must collect more resources and thus unlock all the 14 characters in the game. This will help players to know more about all the characters and thus they can figure out those characters with whom they become inevitable. It will thus eventually help them to win matches and level up the characters and themselves quickly.

Final Thoughts

Farlight 84 is an amazing battle royale survival-based game that holds immense potential due to its many interesting features like unique characters, great graphics, and so on. The game has the potential to flourish well into the scene of gaming. Thus, follow up on this Farlight 84 beginners guide and get to the top of the leaderboards with your fellow friends. 

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