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LoL Patch 14.1 – Details, release date, and more

With the new season fast approaching, let’s take a look at the major changes coming to LoL in the season update of Patch 14.1.

lol support items 2024lol support items 2024

Image Credit: Riot Games

LoL Patch 14.1 – What changes are coming?

With the start of season 14, LoL will also welcome the start of the new ranked season. Unlike previous years, 2024 will have three separate ranked splits: the first one will run from January to May.

But ranked changes are just a minor adjustment to what’s coming this year. Riot has decided to rework the in-game itemization, removing the Mythic items and going back to the old system. As a result, items have been adjusted for each class. You can check out the planned changes below.

Additionally, Summoner’s Rift will receive a more symmetric layout as some brushes have been moved and new pieces of terrain have been added. The layout around the Baron Nashor will also be subject to changes, depending on what kind of Baron spawns.

Speaking of the Baron pit, a new neutral objective will be added to the game: Voidgrubs. These small objectives will spawn before the Rift Herald and they will give more pushing power to the team that kills them. And given that they will spawn at the same time as the dragon (5 minutes), it should give games more ways to make trades on the map. Drakes are also receiving some minor changes to make the game more refreshing.

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Patch 14.1 Release Date

According to the official patch schedule, Patch 14.1 will be released on Wednesday, January 10. This will be the first patch of season 14. Just like every year, a total of 24 updates are planned for the year.

How will the upcoming patch impact the meta?

Given the big amount of changes, there is a lot to discover and it’s incredibly hard to give a correct prediction of the new meta. What I’m expecting, though, will be a season where teams that play with greater coordination will be rewarded a lot more given the terrain changes. Junglers and supports will bear a lot of responsibility in playing around all of their lanes, and we might see a shift from a lane-focused playstyle in the bottom lane to a more roam-heavy one. This is just an initial impression: we’ll find out if I’m correct once the season starts.

Patch 14.1 Tentative Changes


Jungle changes


Map and Neutral Objectives

Upcoming skins

Dragonmancer Fiora – 1350 RP

dragonmancer fiora lol in patch 14.1 dragonmancer fiora lol in patch 14.1

Image Credit: Riot Games

Dragonmancer Kassadin – 1350 RP

dragonmancer kassadindragonmancer kassadin

Image Credit: Riot Games

Dragonmancer Vayne – 1350 RP

dragonmancer vayne patch 14.1 loldragonmancer vayne patch 14.1 lol

Image Credit: Riot Games

Dragonmancer Rakan – 1350 RP

dragonmancer rakandragonmancer rakan

Image Credit: Riot Games

Prestige Dragonmancer Rakan 

dragonmancer rakan prestige coming in lol patch 14.1dragonmancer rakan prestige coming in lol patch 14.1

Image Credit: Riot Games

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