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Is Outlaw going to be overpowered in VALORANT

VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1 is right around the corner. With multiple map and character changes, there is a lot of anticipation for the next update. The major news from this update, however, is the launch of the Outlaw into VALORANT. This is the first time in the history of the game that a new gun is being added.


Image Credits: Riot Games

How Overpowered can Outlaw be in VALORANT?

Outlaw will launch into VALORANT on Jan. 9. The weapon had first leaked a few months ago in a beta test video. In this leak, people could see the cost and outline of how the weapon would look.

Taking a look at some of the leaked stats of the weapon, a bullet from the Outlaw will cause 238 damage on the head, 140 on the body, and 119 on the leg. If the opponent has a half shield, they will only be saved with 6 Health Points when hit on the leg. On being shot elsewhere, though, it would result in a one-shot kill.

The main reason for the specific damage output is due to the half-shield meta. We have covered this in our previous article in depth. In brief, it was noticed that most professional players preferred to buy a half shield instead of a full shield. With this weapon, though, many players will be forced to buy a full shield and spend 1000 credits each round. Thus, while the gun may seem overpowered, it should be able to nicely balance out the meta.

The mag size of the weapon is 2 and it has 10 bullets in reserve. It has a 1.25 second equip time and a 2.75 second fire rate. The cost of buying the Outlaw in VALORANT would be 2400 credits. Similar to the Marshal, it just has one scope level. Additionally, unlike the Marshal and Operator in the game, it doesn’t break zoom when firing.

When will there be new skins for the Sniper Outlaw?

Outlaw VALORANT skinsOutlaw VALORANT skins

Image Credits: Riot Games

Yes, Outlaw will also be getting new skins when it releases into the game in the form of the Throwback Pack Bundle. In this bundle, we are going to see 2 new Outlaw skins called Prismastica and Ego. Each skin will have 4 unique variants.

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